Changes in women during pregnancy


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Changes in women during pregnancyMany moms find her pregnancy days is not the best in life. It’s an amazing time, because even if it is full of trouble, still mentioned with a smile and warmth. How much joy, naive excitement and spectacular discoveries in itself it carries! Of course, some sort of baby charms expectations toxicity able to spoil the rosy picture of the universe. But once & bdquo-storm «lull, and anger will change for mercy, & bdquo-position» seems really interesting, beautiful and … Many pleasant surprises. Of course, you already have one surprise, which lives up to your heart. Read the rest of this entry »

Choosing glasses


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Choosing glasses Glasses — a means not only of adjustments, but the «design» of your face, creating style. But even the most stylish and expensive glasses do not make you stylish, if selected properly. And avoid such errors will simple rule — form on the form. In other words, a person with a «round» face and soft oval lines of the mouth, eyes and nose fit rim rounded, smooth, natural shape. «Triangular» face better pick up «drops» (triangle edge down), and a man with a «square» face rectangular frame is recommended, but not vertical, but horizontal. Read the rest of this entry »

Children’s Gift


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Children's GiftIt’s time to holiday fails. During the year, we celebrate not only the conventional public holidays and family. One of the most anticipated events — the birthday child. To pick up a gift for your child — a great responsibility, because the gift might significantly affect the future of the establishment and development of the child. Should vary among themselves and gifts for a girl or a boy, but the only requirement for all gifts — the safety and healthy child. Do not forget about the age limit as gifts for newborns and older children are significantly different. Read the rest of this entry »

Shower as a form of massage


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Shower as a form of massageOne kind of massage, in addition to general and local self-massage, shower massage. This water treatments used in prophylactic and therapeutic purposes. Talking about life-massage, we mean water treatment, which is carried out without soap at a temperature of about 35 °-C.

Shower Massage can replace local and general massage of the child. It can be done at home. This type of massage can be used from infants baby. After hygienic water treatment the child is placed under a stream of warm water that falls from the water dispenser in the bathroom. Read the rest of this entry »

To see the essence of things


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To see the essence of things!Ophthalmologists are concerned about the «rejuvenation» of eye diseases, bespectacled man swell active computer users — young people, students and pupils.

Our eyes are first adapted to the perception of the reflected light. Direct light from the lamps, radiation computer monitors and TV screens carry the rays are most dangerous to the eyes. Excessive visual load causing the formation of free radicals that destroy the retina.

As the apple of our eye!

The amount of damage accumulates and leads to the development of age-related macular degeneration (AMD), as it is fraught with complete loss of vision. Read the rest of this entry »

The art of applying makeup


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The art of applying makeupTo begin to ask ourselves, what is needed makeover? His main goal, to correct the flaws and emphasize the dignity, the natural beauty of the face.


At first it may seem that there is nothing complicated when applied cosmetics. However, not everything can be simply because not every make-up to look natural and beautiful.

First of all, remember that you must use only tested and high-quality cosmetics, which has already earned a positive recommendation.
Everyone knows that the first step in any makeup — is causing tonal base. The most important thing is — the equality of its application, or you risk to buy stains or mask effect and, consequently, the naturalness can already forgotten. Read the rest of this entry »