Influenza is a disease of the twentieth century


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Influenza - the disease of the twentieth century Every second man and child on Earth even know what the flu. No, no fungus, which grows in the woods on the lawn, it's another, more terrible and cruel flu — a disease that people are wary of a single pronunciation of the word "flu" anyone.

Because the flu — both terrible and horrible disease that struck a considerable number of people and conquered their virus numerous hospitals, clinics, kindergartens and many other public institutions where you can "catch" the crowds of people. 

Defeat influenza occurs primarily on the patient to a healthy person will continue at the current thread. Read the rest of this entry »

Luxurious Spring


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Luxurious SpringEven the neutral shades of winter ensemble will not make you a gray mouse. Be glamorous in a gray double-breasted coat prytalennom with straight shoulders. Floor tie scarf pattern.

Lighter than air

The down jacket air — permanent fashion leader of this winter. The fitted silhouette, voluminous shoulders plus quilted fabric — and you want to soar above the clouds! A black dress monohromatychnost — always elegant.

Be warm

Immersed in the sun in a yellow shortened blazer with contrasting buttons. If the brightness is not enough — supplement scarf and mitts blazer stripes. Read the rest of this entry »

Oleoresin — from Word of Life


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Oleoresin - the word "Life" The first association that occurs in most people the word "turpentine" — a strong odor. But the adherents of a healthy lifestyle and natural remedies treatment immediately call Zalmanov name. Yeah, this medicinal product resin industry akin to the Russian doctor who practiced in the early XX century.

Therapeutic SPIRIT needles

Turpentine is a colorless or yellowish liquid with the smell of pine, insoluble in water. This is a real fountain of essential oils, fragrances and other nutrients. Get stuff in different ways from wood or resin (gum) trees conifers. Read the rest of this entry »

Protecting your skin in summer


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Protecting your skin in summerThe bright sunlight ryatuyemosya visors baseball,

golf hats and of course sunglasses. Moreover, we note that

fundamental difference between glass and plastic glasses in terms of

refraction does not exist. Color can be selected by their own

excellence, bearing in mind that:

- blue filters better protect from bright sun and UV rays-

green filters are good for the nervous system, help to reduce

Intraocular pressure-

- brown filters reduces the sharpness of the light, "mitigate"

image, soothe and yellow filters are good for drivers during fog-

other colors (orange, red, etc.) are irritants. Read the rest of this entry »