Diet and dental cosmetic surgery


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Diet and dentistry, plastic surgery

Diet and dentistry, plastic surgery

It is difficult to judge whether beauty will save our world, but everyone probably knows that the beauty of our body — the basis of emotionally rich and happy life, which is a measure of material prosperity and good health.

If you realize that beauty — indeed a powerful force, and in fact would like to support the latest technologies of the beauty industry to form your body like a true temple of the soul — our forum for you. Here you will find a variety of information about what modern cosmetic surgery that targets can solve cosmetic dentistry, how to choose and use makeup that can solve the task cosmetic dentistry. Read the rest of this entry »

Conception rebnka


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Conception Conception occurs during vnutriutrobie mother. Sperm penetrated the egg, start it with one word "capture." Then there is conception.

The embryo develops in vnutriutrobie mother if the pregnancy goes well, the baby is born healthy. If otherwise, everything is bad, chances are the baby to be born with some disabilities. In this and in other cases, the expectant mother should look after themselves, do not catch a cold, try to maintain a correct and healthy life, taking fewer antibiotics, but if you suddenly fall ill — take only those drugs that are suitable for pregnant women. Read the rest of this entry »

Back to instincts


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Back to instinctsYou've forgotten what spontaneous sex. In your betting everything on schedule …

You and not the first day, the operation is "lapping" was successful, and now, apparently, you can enjoy cloudless life together, but … Somehow routine reached wherever it was closed path — in your bed!

On Mondays and Thursdays your dearest half plays football on Tuesdays — visiting her mother on Sunday goes with a friend in the pub. You also do not sit idle. A few hours a week set aside for hiking in the fitness center, but also you meet with a girl and you go shopping. Read the rest of this entry »

Information for nursing mothers


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Information for nursing mothersNothing will give children vital nutrients and

Essential antibodies in more than milk.

Professionals advise young mothers to breastfeed only the first six

months to help prevent children's diseases and many

enhance the overall development of the child. Another benefit of breast-

Breastfeeding is a strong link exists between mother and

child. This article provides some tips to help

young mothers make the process of breastfeeding easier and more convenient.


Many books and accessories can guide you and help with breast

feeding. Once you have made this important decision — to feed

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When brought to a boil


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When brought to a boilSome features female behavior in bed is very annoying man! Which, you tell the psychologist Sergei Bandura.

In the thick novels, which describes, for example, the harsh Middle Ages, you can find a figurative expression, "Reset shackles of shame." However, the beautiful? At that time, the transition to physical love very much meant for a girl that could result in a kick out of the house, disinherited, or perhaps cloister. Since the heroine of the novel suffered terribly undecided and so selflessly given themselves — even to a life at stake! Read the rest of this entry »

Spain the Costa del salt — Sunny Beach


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Spain: the Costa del salt - "Sunny Beach"Continuing series of beautiful villages situated on the south coast

Spain near Malaga. Here is the resort of Costa del salt on

which is never «dead season». On the coast near Malaga 300

days of the year the sun fries, so nicknamed him «Sunny Beach».



In spring and summer the local coastline occupying Beachgoers.

In winter, the snow slopes of Sierra Nevada are directed skiers. Yet

feel great!



A couple of days spent at the beach, you’ll want

new experiences. That means it’s time to go

tour. The main attractions of Malaga are compact,

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