Wag long cilia


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Wag long ciliaHow often do we see women on TV with stunning, long lashes. We insist that the result of applying fangled mascara. But this is not so. This effect is mainly achieved through the extension lashes. The procedure for eyelash, very similar to the procedure of gluing false eyelashes, with one exception in the extension eyelashes go or one pieces or bundles.

Accrued lashes look not only beautiful, but they are very practical. First, the girl will not have to spend time on makeup, just saves money on buying mascara and tools to make-up remover, and as they do not lose color, paint is not washed off. Read the rest of this entry »

The excitement of the parents in the first months of life


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The excitement of the parents in the first months of lifeThe first months of life the infant — time happy and very exciting. Once the condition is no longer fit into crumbs rules announced by pediatricians, parents receive a great reason to panic. Let's be clear: when really worry, and when — for anxiety no reason.

The greatest excitement experienced by newly parents in the first three months. First 100 Days — a special period in the life of the baby. Scarce after 9 months of quiet maturation in amniotic fluid enters the & bdquo-water-free "world, experiencing the birth of the strongest stress. Read the rest of this entry »

Diagnosis workaholic


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Diagnosis: workaholicAccording to psychologists, the regular alternation of work and rest — the main guarantee of health. Loss of working rhythm during holidays or prolonged holidays, oddly enough, is not conducive to recuperation, but rather often provokes their decline, if it turns passive recreation, that consists of a long sleep, excessive eating, watching TV and "hang" in social networks. Still better way to relax than none at all!


Almost all workaholics are prone to depression, phobias, anxiety, neuroses and other mental disorders. In addition, they often die in 30-40 years from a heart attack and stroke. Read the rest of this entry »

The whole world in a drop of dew


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The whole world in a drop of dewMacro mastered the technique, you can permanently keep the memory of the warm dnynky. Tell what?

When in the middle of the XVIII century Swedish naturalist Carl Linnaeus created his very first at work on the classification of living organisms, he had to settle for pictures or dried specimens of plants. You had more luck: you can create your own fotoherbariy!

To do this the first time you only need a camera with macro capabilities. And, of course, unrestrained curiosity of the researcher. Do not start to learn to "serious" books. So the first thing you will discover: Macro — it is incredibly difficult and requires such a large number of equipment that you fall asleep before dochytayesh the whole list to the end. Read the rest of this entry »

Why do we flowers


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Why do we flowers?

Why do we flowers?

Did you know that dyes, pigments, often derived from plants and flowers. For example, the pigment cornflower, back in the old days used for dyeing and making ink. It is used now, but in the manufacture of cosmetics and food industry. Cornflower pigment is very stable, almost not affected by time. Scientists have found the tomb of Tutankhamun are not sick wreath of flowers cornflower have kept their shape and color.

Nowadays, most of the raw materials used in the manufacture of medicines get it from plants. More than 500 species of plants containing medicinal substances in the leaves, stems, roots in colors. Read the rest of this entry »

Down conventions


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Down conventions! Do you still believe conventional wisdom sex stereotypes? It may not matter affect your relationship. Every loving couple dreams of harmony in bed, but that it is not easy to achieve. The scope of this delicate! Come to understand especially difficult if any of you building a relationship based on stereotypes standard scenario. Let's look at the settings that you gave "inherited" Mom, remember the rules of conduct in the bed that you once shared with friends. Should I follow them?

Fiction or Truth?

What are the mistakes in this area are very popular among girls? "Sex obliges man." When your girlfriend after the first stormy night with a casual acquaintance assured you that now they will live together happily ever after, you were skeptical. Read the rest of this entry »