Specialty 1


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Specialty number 1This landmark product. New Year without caviar or not the new year! Also, a favorite delicacy — a real dietary supplement, very tasty and most importantly, absolutely natural.

This delicacy was served at the table as early as the second millennium BC. Caviar Sturgeon learned pickle Phoenicians and Egyptians. In the eggs of different species of fish were processed and serve in the XII century. Europeans appreciated the beauty of "fish eggs" only five centuries. However, for a long time it was an expensive product. And now considered to be the most festive food. Read the rest of this entry »

Coco Mademoiselle


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Coco MademoiselleRapidly burst into our lives with 21-year-old Kira Knightley, Coco Mademoiselle — It's lightweight, attractive and sensual fragrance.

Young and inspired this fragrance is the epitome of romance and femininity. It conveys the atmosphere of Paris spring, when love in the air and on the lips — the taste of a kiss. Champagne, fresh Top notes of orange and bergamot transferred into a clean heart chord with jasmine petals and morning rose. Base notes of patchouli and vetiver adds sensuality. Coco Mademoiselle - This is a completely new interpretation of the classic Coco. Read the rest of this entry »

Vitamins and skin shine


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Vitamins: leather and shine! These substances are involved in all the complex processes occurring in the body. Because they are part of the makeup!

What do vitamins are included in creams, shampoos, makeup? Yes, the same as the vitamins that you take by mouth. They provide antioxidant support the structure and tone of the skin, do not let it dry.

The structure of the lip balms often include bee products, such as milk and propolysnoe wax. They protect delicate skin from the cold, and if the lips are dry, do not allow cracks to form. Honey — this is certainly a very tasty and healthy! Read the rest of this entry »

Achieve balance


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Achieve balanceU.S. scientists found that daily menu "weight" in 1800 to 2500 kcal conventional balances the endocrine system and reduce the production of "hormones Age"

Over the years, better to reduce the number of hard animal fats are digested, but foods rich in vitamins to eat as much as possible. Beauty skin correspond carotene and vitamin A. They are many in carrots, tomatoes, milk, cheese, eggs, and fish oil. Vitamin refreshes the body, they are rich in greens and beans. Vitamin E, also called vitamin of youth, found in vegetable oils. Read the rest of this entry »

Healthy posture health for centuries


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Healthy posture - Care for the agesFor posture can judge the health of internal organs. The man with sunken shoulders and narrow chest, likely has lung problems, backache and torment him back — not the best "-mate" — jogging. Get rid of these problems will help physical activity. As a result, a person ceases to slouch and find confidence.

Problem curves

Severe violations (this may be scoliosis, and a stooped posture) lead to problems throughout the body. And the reasons are the same — lack of movement wont sit correctly and incorrectly matched load. For example, monotonous, repetitive movements with regular tennis lessons lead to Kosobokov. Read the rest of this entry »

Green heart of oil


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Green heart of oilOil precious fruit of this tree is called liquid gold — thanks to a unique utility product for the body.

The first drink that receive a newborn baby in ancient Greece — Water … of oil sheet. It was believed that passing this ordinance, the child lifelong thirst will not know how it knows oilseed tree that does not need watering. According to Greek archaeologists, people began to cultivate olives about 60 thousand years ago. The quality olive oil mainly depends on the place of origin. The climate, soil, variety and cultivation method directly affect the quality of olives. Read the rest of this entry »