Zahystysya of stress


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Zahystysya of stressIf our distant ancestor who lived, for example, the years 500 — 600 is fired into a modern metropolis, it would be to put it mildly impressed. Streams of cars, people, noise, confusion. Our life really takes place in the bustle and hurry, because we want to accomplish as much in a day, make it all the meetings and solve all problems. The result of this race is not very nice: stress, anxiety. You feel something like that? Do not rush to the pharmacy for an effective sedative. Confront troubles of modern life can be another way. Perhaps you have already heard in meditation. Read the rest of this entry »

Pets near children


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Pets near childrenUndoubtedly, children are very fond of animals, regardless of their affiliation to domestic or wild species. Full understanding without words and totally unselfish love shaggy or feathered friend contribute to the development of emotional and cognitive development of the baby. That is why the issue of purchasing a pet should be treated favorably.

Always playful and affectionate, pet tenderly apply to the active restless, and silent thinker. But, nevertheless, visiting a pet store to choose a pet, do not forget about the peculiarities of character and temperament of the child. Read the rest of this entry »

Inhalation whether they should have


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Inhalation - whether they are necessary?Inhalation (from Lat. Inhalatum — «-breathe" -) — means inhaling and hitting the airways gaseous substances or aerosols. Inhalation of two ways. The first is based on the fact that the substance falls under the inspired air is naturally due to evaporation. This, in turn, there are two options — volatile matter, good escapes itself, or we add a substance, such as in hot water. The basis of the second method is the use of special devices that create aerosols are called Inhaler.

A typical example is a jet nebulizer — steam inhaler. The device heats water comes out hot steam, a special container (tray, cup), which is filled with the drug, and this means podmeshyvaetsya to jets of steam. Read the rest of this entry »

Female hormones


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Female hormonesHormones — kind of team "-CEOs" — our body, controlling all without exception — sex life, stress and the immune system. Likewise, they affect our weight and appetite. When you decided to eat dessert, you did not show weakness, but only obey their command.


Let's say you eat a donut. Are you sure deserve such indulgence in food, because the time was difficult and not without stress. It seems to be fast carbohydrates — just what is able to ease your feelings. But … last crumb icing sugar selected as desired relief did not occur. Read the rest of this entry »

Give discharge


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Give unloadingHoliday feasts are a lot of trouble settling on the waist and hips. Leave the past in the grill and barbecue, get rid of the consequences of the May holidays! What a celebration be without a feast! If the evening belongs to a hearty meal, not shingles themselves breakfast and lunch. Nutritionists advise to eat a bowl of millet meal porridge. Millet is digested slowly and feel full for a long time remain. For digestibility Pshenko need a lot of fat (butter put in porridge) and oil-body will digest it through their fat reserves.

Not sparing the abdomen
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Toothache How To Be


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Toothache.  What to do?You run to the dentist only with acute toothache, bleeding gums and in general do not pay attention? But in vain, because it is the beginning of periodontitis.

Never too late

Dentists are sure the main cause of periodontitis is that we properly clean your teeth. Few of us regularly use dental flosses (floss for cleaning interdental spaces). Poorly cleaned plaque eventually turns into tartar, which accumulates during microbes. In time between the tooth and the gum is formed periodontal pockets — a gathering of infection.

Tooth abnormality

Periodontal — tissues that surround and hold the tooth (bone, gums, mucous membrane and ligaments). Read the rest of this entry »