Everything — their time


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All - timePick the right skin care based on age and continue their youth!

You say that you're my mother and I look alike beauty? Excellent! But you should know that the cosmetics that you use must always be different! The main task — to provide proper and adequate care for skin of all ages to always be in great shape! Now raise up objects of observation!


With 20 years. Cleanse the skin morning and evening from dirt and makeup using a gel cleanser, because at that age the skin tender, sensitive and prone to irritation and rashes.

With 40 years. Read the rest of this entry »

The perfect man is he


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An Ideal Husband: What is it?Our — my grandmother — relieved — granddaughter took over the mind and want to close them was — true — people. One that will support them and support. Time ", the eternal boy" — with napomadzhenym — hair over. — Feminine — and — painfully sensitive to their appearance, men who lead an extravagant lifestyle and have a sound knowledge of balms body has no one interesting. David Beckham icon metrosexuals, dismissed. This English footballer who publicly admitted that he likes to occasionally wear … lingerie, was full. Of course, athletes still evoke tender feelings in women. Read the rest of this entry »

Perfect Diet


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Perfect DietWho says there is no perfect diet? Certainly not psychologists. Perfect meal should consist of a large portion of health and no less satisfying portions. For dessert, allow yourself a pinch of weakness — without the guilt!

Recently we adored Bridget — Jones — Manic count calories. Now we are pleased to admire the heroine — the film "Eat, Pray, Love" -. For breakfast she namynaye turkey, instead of remorse buy jeans one size larger. — Julia — Roberts — who plays this role, the director had to say that women will love this movie is not for the sincerity, and by the fact that impunity will finally have. Read the rest of this entry »

Yes for strike


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Sting da good!Shirts nettle help relieve magical spell on the princes turned into swans. But the grass is not capable for such a miracle!

People say that "one of the seven doctors nettle stands." And for good reason! This plant — piggy vitamins. Ascorbic acid — 2 times more than currants are carotene and vitamin K, firming vessels. Also nettles — many amino acids and more chlorophyll, tannins, flavonoids, organic acids (oxalic, succinic, citric, etc.) and a lot of calcium. Nettle fibers contain lignin and polysaccharides that help eliminate toxins. Read the rest of this entry »