All elements of the sweet life


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All elements of the sweet lifeThe conventional wisdom is that the sugar — "white death" firmly fixed in our minds. But is it fair?

If your body needs to eat something sweet, it means you do not get the required amount of nutrients, not that you miss the sweet. Although, according to scientists, excessive intake of white sugar, which is a pure sucrose, weakens the body's ability to adapt to adverse environmental conditions, impairs health and shortens life. Still, let's not exaggerate: sugar continues to be a product of prime necessity.

Synonym carbohydrates

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All about Facial Toner


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All about Facial TonerWhat are tonics (lotions)? To complete cleansing of the skin (ie, the funds are used after jelly, mousse or gel). They remove the remnants of dirt and cleaning agents that are always present on the skin after washing. If you do not clear them, eventually it will negatively affect the skin (found that this is one of the most common causes of dryness, tightness, uneven color and irritated epidermis). In addition, lotions tone and moisturize your skin, preparing it to spray cream.

How to choose the right tonic?

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Perfect legs always in sight


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Perfect legs always in sightSummer & ndash-this is the beach, the sun, loved mini skirts and finally sandals. This shoe mind that our legs will be seen, and therefore, must always be well groomed.

But to become a perfect legs need to work on it. First of all, you need to pay attention to their condition. And if you care for feet not become your lifestyle, you should immediately go to your local beauty salon where your feet will take professionals. If beauty & ndash-is power, then believe me, it is worth nothing if there is no health, which means that you need not only to monitor the beauty of the legs, but also for their health. Read the rest of this entry »

Zigzag life


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Zigzag lifeIt was poshalyvat heart? To clarify the cause of the problem, it is necessary to go through basic research.

Electrocardiogram (ECG) — one of the oldest methods kardiodiahnostyky. It was first used back in 1873. But despite his advanced age, the ECG is probably the most accurate and informative method for studying heart.

For zigzag symbol on the tape ECG experienced cardiologist easily see not only existing ailments — and those who still zatayilysya until then. And most importantly — a study to determine to what diseases you are prone infarction. Read the rest of this entry »