Shower as a form of massage


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Shower as a form of massageOne kind of massage, in addition to general and local self-massage, shower massage. This water treatments used in prophylactic and therapeutic purposes. Talking about life-massage, we mean water treatment, which is carried out without soap at a temperature of about 35 °-C.

Shower Massage can replace local and general massage of the child. It can be done at home. This type of massage can be used from infants baby. After hygienic water treatment the child is placed under a stream of warm water that falls from the water dispenser in the bathroom. Read the rest of this entry »

To see the essence of things


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To see the essence of things!Ophthalmologists are concerned about the «rejuvenation» of eye diseases, bespectacled man swell active computer users — young people, students and pupils.

Our eyes are first adapted to the perception of the reflected light. Direct light from the lamps, radiation computer monitors and TV screens carry the rays are most dangerous to the eyes. Excessive visual load causing the formation of free radicals that destroy the retina.

As the apple of our eye!

The amount of damage accumulates and leads to the development of age-related macular degeneration (AMD), as it is fraught with complete loss of vision. Read the rest of this entry »

Alluring Beauty


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Alluring Beauty Beauty — a truly magic for each

modern woman, and not just for women, because sometimes beauty salons

go to men. Many beauty salons at the moment there are

discount, but only if you are a regular customer. Beauty Salon

every woman can truly turn, create a new hairstyle

makeup, a manicure and pedicure, piercing, enjoy foot massages and body, and

also take anti-cellulite body wrap.

Massage can be carried out by specialists of a wide range of

services at the best beauty salon. And so we tell you today that

need to know when choosing a hairstyle for your own master, hairstyle, piercing and

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Search the web


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Search the web Dating online for women over 40, it is a myth or reality? For a long time thinking about this issue, and yet decided … Registered on dating sites, but without posting pictures it is not moved forward. Took photos, and ordinary (real) and waited …


We had to wait for long, letters and proposals showered like snow on his head, had only written a study questionnaire and respond (or not respond). As included in excitement at first decided to leave no unanswered, except with the mass of letters spelling mistakes, these applicants vidmesla strongly (warp my ignorance). Read the rest of this entry »

Should you confess


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Must admit you ...Something you do not like an intimate relationship with a partner? Talk to him frankly. I hear his wishes, as you probably also do not know everything about his passions.

Stereotypes as quickly and firmly rooted in our minds that we do not even think about their falsity, although they can easily spoil our lives. It's time to get rid of them!

Not all and not always like to be "first." Men are also sometimes want to stay as a sort of embattled macho, which you want to seduce and conquer. If his view stretches desire, while you see that he expects action from you, not vtrachaysya — take the initiative in their hands. Read the rest of this entry »

Baby Loading Please wait Education Home Health Diet and Fitness Cooking Fashion


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Children's EducationParenting & ndash-a very important task, especially for new parents. And well, if grandparents timely advice on how to act in one way or another situation. But there are circumstances where all the difficulties have to take responsibility for their parents' shoulders.

Sometimes young parents make the fatal mistake of believing that the child is too small for education. Raising a child should be engaged immediately after his birth. Of course, at every level of child development & ndash-has its own nuances educational work. The following errors undertaken by parents & ndash-is insufficient, or no incentive for the child. Read the rest of this entry »