Do as Bill Gates


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Do as Bill Gates!What to do if you caught up with ardent feelings in the service?

Recently, you suddenly caught myself thinking that the manager of the sales department is looking at you especially clear eyes … At work, you are now going like a holiday, but your hand every morning automatically unzips the extra buttons on your favorite blouse. Based on the symptoms, you naklovuyetsya office romance!

Today's rapid pace of development of the market is forcing us to spend more time at work, time and privacy are left. As a consequence, a growing number of people who are introduced and relationships directly tied to the office. Read the rest of this entry »

Time to say goodbye


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Time to say goodbyeSmoking — poison. It is known to all. But what many of us so hard to get rid of this poison? What can help?

Why some people can not stand the spirit of tobacco smoke, and the other he was "sweet and nice"? It turns out that the nature of this relationship — not only the social and psychological, but also biological.

Scientists have discovered that the human body can be present so-called gene smoking. It is most commonly found in people who are prone to depression and nervous breakdowns. Among these smokers — 70%. Children of parents who smoke are exposed to high risk. Read the rest of this entry »

Videography for wedding simple solution


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Videography at the wedding - a simple solutionAll young couples know that weddings should be not only beautiful but also memorable. The solution is — a video of the wedding. What is unusual? And it's simple.

To young people for a long time then we remembered those happiest moments and committed in their lives, they must carefully predict in advance all.

First, of course, that might come to mind is invited to a wedding ceremony photographer. But think for yourself, why do you need it? After the photographer to keep all the high points only wedding on the film, and the film, it is not alive, it can not display all the important points of this happy day. Read the rest of this entry »

Advantages and choice steamers


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Advantages and choice steamers Have you ever heard of this technique as a kitchen steamer? If

No, it is then time came for her to find out more. Today you will learn

about the features and benefits of this technology in the kitchen, as well as

choose the best model.

For those who choose to eat healthy food and cook without cease

much effort, the steamer is what you need. If there is a baby, then

a kitchen tool comes in handy as does the way.

The advantages of a double boiler.

The main advantage of this kitchen tool that

Cooking is done via steam. This method of

cooking, as opposed to boiling and frying helps retain

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