Changes in women during pregnancy


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Changes in women during pregnancyMany moms find her pregnancy days is not the best in life. It’s an amazing time, because even if it is full of trouble, still mentioned with a smile and warmth. How much joy, naive excitement and spectacular discoveries in itself it carries! Of course, some sort of baby charms expectations toxicity able to spoil the rosy picture of the universe. But once & bdquo-storm «lull, and anger will change for mercy, & bdquo-position» seems really interesting, beautiful and … Many pleasant surprises. Of course, you already have one surprise, which lives up to your heart. It will grow, move, spin, roll, hiccup, pushing pyatochkamy involving … more and more pleasant discovery.

Favourite size

You’ve probably guessed what was going on. Whatever your bust before, now it is outstanding in every sense. So, apparently, it is the first chest reveals the secret of his mistress. It very clearly shows others that your family is expected to replenish. Thank hormones! Typically, the metric changes in the neck leading to the following verdict wife and future dad: & bdquo-My favorite size! «Council. Breast becomes not so aesthetic & bdquo-interest» as from the need to prepare for the future of feeding crumbs. The volumes — stretchable soft skin, so make every day — morning and evening — to put it on stretch marks cream. Do you trust this procedure wife? Why not, if only. .. it becomes & bdquo-pay special attention «to your nipple. chest This area is particularly sensitive as directly related to the queen, so that you can stimulate the nipples, God forbid, to provoke a breakdown. Otherwise, your charms are not lost in vain: during a healthy pregnancy sex is not contraindicated. Moreover, there is a good chance to do it better than her.


No, it’s not about antenatal clinics, which mommy must-visit once or twice a month, and a thin, brown, vertical lines visible on the abdomen around the 4th month & bdquo-standing. «Everything is normal yes manifest increased secretion of the female hormone estrogen triggers pigmentation. Incidentally, this & bdquo-touch «pregnancy eloquently tells who you expect. The line crosses the navel — a boy, goes around its arc — a young lady. Good news: The line disappears completely after 2-3 months postpartum.


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