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Choosing glasses Glasses — a means not only of adjustments, but the «design» of your face, creating style. But even the most stylish and expensive glasses do not make you stylish, if selected properly. And avoid such errors will simple rule — form on the form. In other words, a person with a «round» face and soft oval lines of the mouth, eyes and nose fit rim rounded, smooth, natural shape. «Triangular» face better pick up «drops» (triangle edge down), and a man with a «square» face rectangular frame is recommended, but not vertical, but horizontal. But the shape of the face — that’s not all.

The trick to defining the type of your face, then identify its widest part. Color or design emphasis settings have her answer. For example, if the widest part — the forehead or temples area, you should choose these points, where the emphasis falls on top of the frame. So in the «triangular» face shape I choose «droplets» from the top of the slightly darkened glass, bright interesting mount brackets or frame that surrounds only the upper part of the glass. If you have large cheekbones, it should attract the attention of the lower part of the rim. Because the owners’ trapetsyevydnoho «person with broad cheekbones, likely will hold glasses with brackets that are attached to the glass bottom.

If you own face seems too big and you want to narrow it visually, then stop your choice on models glasses of speakers for the temporal part of the face mount brackets. If your goal is to increase the narrow face, the frame should not speak for the temporal part of the face, or even be already. Also you can visually adjust the length of the nose. But it is enough to choose the frame with high or low «nose.»

And most importantly remember that sunglasses should be selected based not only on the type of person, but also on the completeness of the figures and even growth. Miniature woman will approach a sharp, spicy rim bold contrasting colors. A full-face lady to be quite large, heavy glasses — and in color, and configuration.

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