Advantages and disadvantages of nail extension


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Advantages and disadvantages of nails.Every woman wants to have long, shiny nails, but you need to carefully look at your nails, eat right, make a mask. Not all women have at this time and opportunity.
Many beauty salons offer this service as a nail.
What is the procedure?

Artificial nails is called a procedure during which a couple of hours can be completely painless build nails of any length and shape. If the work is done the professional, these nails are completely different from natural ones.

Methods exist many extensions. They differ Materials and Methods applying it to your own nails. To build using the following materials: flax gel, crystal, acrylic, silk and porcelain.

Cost of services formed depending on how the building and the material used.
There are four basic ways to build.

Acrylic extensions.
Master uses acrylic powder that mixes with a special fluid. The result is fast solidifying, very dense mass. If you are on the finished surface roughness and thickness, they carefully cut away, and the surface of the nail plate thoroughly polished.

Tissue buildup.
The wizard uses to build fayberhlass, linen or silk. Initially, the nail plate is attached tips, and scraps of fabric above carefully strengthened. But the technology nowadays very popular not use.

Gel extension.
In this case, too, use the form or Tips. But the gel is dry only by special apparatus with ultraviolet light.

Mixed building.
This wizard uses together and gel and acrylic. Initially, the nail plate put a layer of acrylic, and after it has dried, cover the surface of the nail gel.
Each of these methods has its advantages and disadvantages.

The advantages of building.
— The gel well let the moisture and allow nails to breathe. With increasing gel nails look healthy and shiny.
— Acrylic makes nails strong as diamond. In addition, the surface of acrylic nails perfectly removed with special solutions.
— Any extension methods allow a woman to always have beautiful nails manicured.

Lacks capacity.
— One extension procedure takes too long and lasts from a half to three hours.
— How well would not look accrued nails it deteriorate under a layer of acrylic or gel nail plate and becomes very brittle.
— Artificial nails without nail polish does not look very attractive.
— Every two or three weeks must pass the correction of nails. It also takes time. Be also aware of the fact that the need for a correction to teach a lot of money.
— Gel nails are very difficult to remove. We have to cut away the gel nail with the top layer of the nail plate. Nails, ultimately, become very brittle and weak, not grow.
— No matter how beautiful accrued nails, women still feel like they are cheating themselves.

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