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Dykarka-amazon - a mystery for menIs it true that men prefer audacious amazons

prude? Let's find out first hand!

It is believed that men are crazy mix of "woman

danger of "love at risk, adventure and crazy behavior.

It is clear that every man must respond to a girl in the style of Angelina

Jolie with mysterious eyes, unexplained tattoo on the shoulder blade and exciting

stories of wild escapades. It is not clear how he will react to it

suitable to meet, run away, or just something to stir it and silent?

And whether or not the gentle lady in search of the gentleman

"Show off" to drive a motorcycle — or to stay

Turgenev girl and bring her supporters quiet charm?

Full extreme!

To start, do not listen to someone who will advise you

perform crazy and potentially dangerous to health behavior — outrageous

good only where it is appropriate. If you are desperate for the entire head,

fine, but do not try to portray crazy behaviors. Be yourself

universal recommendation will never become outdated.

By the way, girls, get up on life crazy things, often

just completely normal. What they are doing, you seem so extraordinary

just because you yourself do not know how. However, if you really want to, you can over the

learn. For example, to drive a motorcycle, twist somersaults, catch

on the bar, perform a striptease on the bar and do other things

who admired and animal capture in males. They are really common and

pobahato admire women who can do something just as cool as

men, or even better (it certainly does not apply to strippers).

In terms of seducing men there is no point in training and

record if as a result make you look like a hammer thrower.

First take care of the exterior, and then — of achievement. No need to paint,

before conquer Everest, but when rides a motorcycle, wear pants

tight and a nice jacket. To all noticed first wife, and then

"Bike". Otherwise, why all this?

Strong women men fear most, then even

fleeting encounter with that can transform their self-esteem in ruins. Therein

is a danger of "fatal women" stubborn macho thing to that and

pull. Whatever adventurous adventuress you not become men engage

you are not in risk appetite and your strength and confidence. Same as you

attracted to men. After all, a strong man you can rely on heavy


Until the end of time men, contrary to any logic to be

love bitches, Amazon and hussars in skirts. Men are so weak, forgive them!

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