Influenza is a disease of the twentieth century


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Influenza - the disease of the twentieth century Every second man and child on Earth even know what the flu. No, no fungus, which grows in the woods on the lawn, it's another, more terrible and cruel flu — a disease that people are wary of a single pronunciation of the word "flu" anyone.

Because the flu — both terrible and horrible disease that struck a considerable number of people and conquered their virus numerous hospitals, clinics, kindergartens and many other public institutions where you can "catch" the crowds of people. 

Defeat influenza occurs primarily on the patient to a healthy person will continue at the current thread. Because a disease like flu can, a long chain of indescribable viruses called influenza. 

Important and not so dangerous flu as a complication after the transfer of the disease. Because each person has an individual organism with all components, so do not be surprised, reading the newspapers or heard on television as the leading pronounce that died from pneumonia a few dozen people in a single region. 

Influenza is able impress people with low immunity, but sometimes can and impress those people who have no immunity to the disease — in other words, these people just do not hurt this disease. 

Most of these people and infect healthy people is homeless, meaning our words — the homeless, and those people who are watching their health that do not consume beneficial trace elements, and that just is not eating vitamins.

These people tend to influenza virus in the very first place. Why today our gallant vrachevately still have not invented a cure that really will help save humanity from this terrible disease? So far it is not yet known. 

But we will not let the flu get into the body of our loved ones, friends and acquaintances. We will drive influenza of our homes, we drink vitamins to take to maximize opportunities for your drugs, and not to expose the body hypothermia, not the crowd will stand "sneeze and cough" and people will wear a special medical masks. All this in order to escape from the flu to protect their loved ones, family and friends, and the most important and necessary — to protect yourself! 

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