Luxurious Spring


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Luxurious SpringEven the neutral shades of winter ensemble will not make you a gray mouse. Be glamorous in a gray double-breasted coat prytalennom with straight shoulders. Floor tie scarf pattern.

Lighter than air

The down jacket air — permanent fashion leader of this winter. The fitted silhouette, voluminous shoulders plus quilted fabric — and you want to soar above the clouds! A black dress monohromatychnost — always elegant.

Be warm

Immersed in the sun in a yellow shortened blazer with contrasting buttons. If the brightness is not enough — supplement scarf and mitts blazer stripes. Stylish geometry is very relevant today.

Warm and hands up — the basic rule of winter clothing. Let the bright dose of color and patterns refresh your wardrobe. Raise the temperature of cold weather in February "live" saturated hues.

Tighten the waist

Stylish jacket volume will appear in turquoise tones. Fashionable reception of the season — the emphasis on the waist. It will soften the silhouette and accentuate femininity. By this jacket Pick scarf patterned in tone.


This season, the fashion mood soars sports. Ready to be the center of attention? Choose sport quilted jacket in red.

Tweed coat in a cage A-shaped silhouette — classic and extravagant "warm combination" for business women. Do not forget that the pattern in a large cage hides the extra fullness, but not suitable for women lean figure.

Soft waves

Cascades drape dress can turn into a real masterpiece: folds at the neckline will add needed capacity in the chest and urivnovazhat shape. Incredibly feminine!

Exquisite game folds on fabric today dominates the fashion catwalks. Drapery make the most simple outfit richer and more luxurious.


Free and voluminous silhouette is now very popular among designers. And if we add the desired overlap — will be doubly fashionable. You need a roomy tunic with bat sleeves, pants and flashy accessories.

Exciting twists

Drapery good for smoky tones. Grey jersey tunic with pockets on the sleeves combine with leggings and great decorations.

Decorate dress

Even casual-jeans ensemble of flirting anew with a clear topom silhouette.

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