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Oleoresin - the word "Life" The first association that occurs in most people the word "turpentine" — a strong odor. But the adherents of a healthy lifestyle and natural remedies treatment immediately call Zalmanov name. Yeah, this medicinal product resin industry akin to the Russian doctor who practiced in the early XX century.

Therapeutic SPIRIT needles

Turpentine is a colorless or yellowish liquid with the smell of pine, insoluble in water. This is a real fountain of essential oils, fragrances and other nutrients. Get stuff in different ways from wood or resin (gum) trees conifers. The healing properties of resin were well known to our ancestors: for a long time it was used to treat wounds, rheumatism and various skin ailments. Wonderful therapeutic properties of turpentine interested in talented young doctor Zalmanov, pryderzhyvavshehosya unconventional therapies. He believed that in order to recover the body does not need synthetic drugs and antibiotics. All necessary safety resources are already incorporated in the us, you only need to create the conditions for its development. In 1904, Dr. Zalmanov created a method that allows turpentine dissolve in water, thus laying the foundation skipidarolecheniya.


Basic theory created Zalmanov, dubbed "kapyllyaroterapyy." Clean healthy capillaries — the key to youthful body. "Get up and circulation — the body itself cured" — he wrote. According Zalmanov, turpentine can effectively "open" and "clean" capillaries. Turpentine baths quickly became popular among a variety of populations (mostly wealthy). Despite the fact that the EU is actively practiced turpentine baths, we are practically not used for a long time been banned. The interest in them revived in the 60's and 70's of the last century. Turpentine baths Zalmanov used as collateral Physiotherapy comprehensive treatment of certain diseases. What can we really expect from these baths? Aromaterapevtycheskyy effect relieves mental and muscle tension and improves mood. Hydrotherapy component is responsible for the relaxation.

Slimming effect

Hot water allows the biologically active substances (BAS) dissolved turpentine most effectively interact with the surface of the body. The active compounds improve blood circulation and microcirculation, reduce pain, increase metabolism, improve tone. Composition will pick up bathtubs doctor. The choice is purely personal: for men, for women, for circulation, to rejuvenate, to normalize weight. Of course, the bath Zalmanov can not magically get rid of excess weight, but regular use will significantly improve their health and appearance, provide a good mood and overall health improvement. In moderate added to food burning red pepper can reduce caloric intake by 300 calories. And not necessarily pepper dishes to fusion status! Mate — an integral part of the Argentine culture. It is drunk at home, on vacation, at work and outdoors. This refreshing drink is able to slow down the aging process. A high percentage of polyphenols contained in the decoction of the leaves mate, strengthens natural defenses of the human body, preventing cell damage and the development of various diseases.

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