Protecting your skin in summer


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Protecting your skin in summerThe bright sunlight ryatuyemosya visors baseball,

golf hats and of course sunglasses. Moreover, we note that

fundamental difference between glass and plastic glasses in terms of

refraction does not exist. Color can be selected by their own

excellence, bearing in mind that:

- blue filters better protect from bright sun and UV rays-

green filters are good for the nervous system, help to reduce

Intraocular pressure-

- brown filters reduces the sharpness of the light, "mitigate"

image, soothe and yellow filters are good for drivers during fog-

other colors (orange, red, etc.) are irritants.

If, nevertheless, dust, water, or other external factors have caused

irritation, eye wash, or try to make lotion.

Sun in July, is known to be very hot and burning. And it

so you should preserve not only the eyes, protecting them glasses, but his face and body.

By the way, the hair also need protection from the sun because they are much more

affected than the face and body. For hair always remain beautiful and

even warmed moist, protect your tresses with special


Sunscreen today presented

a large number, and many of them are really good quality. To

For example, if your skin is prone to some redness, allergic

reactions, and if the skin has freckles or age spots, skin of this type

Protect major factors protect against UV rays.

The body should also be protected from the sun, but first, if you

eat on vacation, you should prepare your skin for the sun. Advance will ensure

skin moist, use after a shower or bath moisturizer best

if you make a body peeling for two or three days before the trip. This will prepare your

Skin is not only to further tan in the sun, but also provide a first

beautiful and very even tan.

So if you're going to go out of town, or on the sea

vacation, be sure to bring your sunscreen in makeup special

cream. By the way, the more you will protect against sun, so long your skin

to be young and beautiful. And if you really love your body, you should

be sure to listen to all the recommendations that we give you. Protect

your skin and be always very beautiful!



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