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Since every situation is out!The fear of getting laid off saves you peace of mind and reduces efficiency? Get rid of anxiety can!

Unable to feel confident in the future, without a sufficient reason. A soothing mantra mom and podtrunivaniya friends over your suspicion can bring only short-term relief. To achieve a consistent effect, you need to listen to your intuition and make some action. Certainly will send resume to several recruitment agencies. Some potential unemployed are hesitant to take this step, fearing that they immediately blockages suggestions on which would have to give up until in the home office does not come on hard times.

In fact, the answer to resume most likely will come a time when you will be in dire need a new job.

Poskarzhsya all your friends and acquaintances to the threat of dismissal and ask to talk about all the jobs that appear in at work. Do «knight’s move» and talk to your HR department (or other knowledgeable people in the company) is not going to hold management reorganization as quickly and who, in their opinion, the first will be under attack. To not give fear motivate their detailed questioning that plan to take the credit. It is possible that your fears will prove unfounded.

The main thing is your wealth — people with whom you work toward Alongside, and you must keep and maintain contact with them. Do not Strive with colleagues and no offense to them, even though I suspect that some of them you pidsydiv. If he has a drop of conscience, he probably feels guilty before you, and therefore will try to do something to help you. In addition, if the company hit job, and you leave yourself a good memory, you first notified and offered to return.

Fear of dismissal — a great incentive for creative activity outside the office. Spent usual job from start to finish — the only way to make a living. Unproductive idea of prestige and prestigious occupations not wish to receive further education prevents many full use of its potential.

Think about what else other than professional work, you pretty well. For example, if you are strong in languages, while involuntary unemployment will be able to fill up the family budget by transfers or tutoring.



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