Because it is not necessary to control your lover


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Because it is not necessary to exercise control over someone you love?In any relationship, anyway, there is some control. But the effect on the union of two people excessive desire to keep abreast? And how can we forget how to control your partner?

There among my friends a couple. He — one of those men who talk about «like a stone wall.» She — a bright, emotional and jealous. It is worth it to go out for cigarettes and stay for 10 minutes, then start calls on your mobile with perennial question «Where are you?». If it is right after the call does not occur at the threshold, it can go on his quest. If being on the job, he did not answer her call him at home waiting for examination and no «justification» in the calculation are not accepted. However, when it is at home, peace of mind it will still only dream of. Wife destroys him with questions: «What are you thinking?», «Why are you silent, you stopped loving me?» Generally, the more relationships. I think if he decides to break them, even the strongest feminists can not blame him.

Of course, we are all to some extent control their relationships with chosen one. But some ladies can go in its quest to «know it all» too far. Let’s see, what can cause a relationship in which she seeks to fully control her lover.


Explosive Cocktail

Where does the desire to control?

Do not call him every hour and sends SMS: «How are you?» «And where are you? «» And when will you? «If you know that he is at work and promised to be, say, eight. Use your mobile when you need it.

Leave him to manage his time. Even if he had no plans, do not give consent for you two to get to your friend. Counsel with it and do not be offended if he would prefer something else. Do not ryysya in his pockets, which does not check for mobile object «physical evidence.»


Think about good!

Do not forget a simple truth: our thoughts material. Generally, the relationship between family and friends is very strong, and thinking something like, «He has an hour to come back from work. He became increasingly delayed. He was the one! «You’re like» pushing «man do you invented. Think about the good things about what you have loyal reliable person, you love each other. Believe me, the aura of love, trust and confidence will protect your union.


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