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Think what you eat! Reset ten pounds in a few days really is possible, but the consequences of this weight loss is usually very poor.

Compromised rigid diet body becomes a target for viruses. It is, for example someone pokashlyav or sneeze in public transport and «postroynevshaya» lady immediately picks up a virus. This is not surprising. After dramatic weight loss — stressful for the body, and when there is a deficiency stress proteins necessary for «building» antibodies — our main defenders of various viruses. In addition, rapid weight loss leads to disturbances of mineral metabolism, which affects the condition of hair and nails. Finally, instead of a beautiful shape and excellent mood, you receive a bouquet of various troubles with health.

If you no thirty, then save your slender figure will a balanced diet. The diet should be proteins and fats, and carbohydrates.

After thirty years should limit consumption of carbohydrates (sugar, pastries) and coordinate energy consumption of zatrachyvaemoy energy.

Vitamin A.

He is involved in the formation of new skin cells, nourishes it, is essential for healthy eyes and hair. Dry scaly skin and split ends indicate a deficiency of vitamin A in the body. The best sources of this vitamin are: natural fats such as butter and fatty fish.

Vitamin B.

Symptoms of deficiency of this vitamin are:

- dermatitis-

- burst capillaries,

- cracks on the lips and flaky skin. Sources of vitamin A are: beef, fatty fish, bananas, cereals with vitamins.

 Vitamin C.

It belongs to one of the most powerful antioxidants. Best sources: citrus fruits, cabbage, peppers and currants.

Beta carotene.

Protects against adverse effects of UV rays and improves immunity. The sources of this vitamin are: orange fruits and vegetables (pumpkin, peach, apricot) and dark green vegetables.


Vitamins are essential for the production of collagen. It accelerates wound healing and improves the appearance of skin. The sources of the vitamin are: seafood, beef, sunflower seeds, eggs and cheese.


It is necessary authorities for the synthesis of hemoglobin. Pale skin, dark circles under the eyes, brittle nails, indicates iron deficiency. The best sources are: buckwheat, liver, seafood, and eggs.


Carbohydrates contain beneficial nutrients. The best sources are: peas, beans, lentils, beans, foods with wheat flour.


Selenium protects skin cells from damage by free radicals and fights dry skin. Supports the immune system and helps the body cope with viral infections. The best sources are: eggs, seafood, mushrooms, nuts.

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