The art of applying makeup


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The art of applying makeupTo begin to ask ourselves, what is needed makeover? His main goal, to correct the flaws and emphasize the dignity, the natural beauty of the face.


At first it may seem that there is nothing complicated when applied cosmetics. However, not everything can be simply because not every make-up to look natural and beautiful.

First of all, remember that you must use only tested and high-quality cosmetics, which has already earned a positive recommendation.
Everyone knows that the first step in any makeup — is causing tonal base. The most important thing is — the equality of its application, or you risk to buy stains or mask effect and, consequently, the naturalness can already forgotten. It is worth to use and special little wet sponges. Start at the forehead, then move on to the cheeks and nose.

If you want to hide the circles under your eyes, it is best to apply corrective blush directly on them with your fingertips. Then blend and then apply foundation or powder.

The next step — applying powder, whose purpose — to make the skin more smooth surface, as well as remove excess glitter. Experts often recommend loose powder, but it is not for vsem.Eto a matter of taste. Above all, the powder of your choice in any case do not bother makeup done. For application use the same sponge or large brush.

By the way, do not lose sight of the eyebrows. They will emphasize eye makeup and improve the overall experience. And an eyebrow pencil to help you provide them with the perfect shape. Choosing a pencil depends on the color of your hair if you are blonde, then you need to light (gray or brown), and if you’re a brunette, then black or rich gray.

Do not be afraid to experiment with different shadows and blush until you find exactly those that best suit you.
When applying different shades change the brush regularly, or at least wipe them out to avoid color distortion.
Apply blush from the area recommended cheekbones, you will need to carefully shade border, because if your goal — natural makeup, sharp boundaries be clearly useless.

If you want to get the most voluminous lashes, just pick up loose powder and apply it to the lashes and then use mascara. In this case, an effect very fluffy and thick eyelashes. And apply a second coat of mascara is not worth it — because at the crucial moment, it will crumble.

As for the means to care for your lips. Day makeup artists recommend applying lipstick or gloss matte shades, and in the evening you can afford a more vivid color.

And that eventually reach perfection, do not be afraid to practice their own and most convenient way of applying makeup.

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