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Back to instinctsYou've forgotten what spontaneous sex. In your betting everything on schedule …

You and not the first day, the operation is "lapping" was successful, and now, apparently, you can enjoy cloudless life together, but … Somehow routine reached wherever it was closed path — in your bed!

On Mondays and Thursdays your dearest half plays football on Tuesdays — visiting her mother on Sunday goes with a friend in the pub. You also do not sit idle. A few hours a week set aside for hiking in the fitness center, but also you meet with a girl and you go shopping.

This tight schedule given a specific time sex — Wednesday and Saturday. Proximity occurs at night, after a shower, in bed. Ukladayetesya in the usual twenty minutes, and after talking to each other the next words of thanks and fall asleep with a sense of marital duty.

So the question will not go away! First, stick to the environment as a holy sabbath, and then start "Not s6hodnya, I have a headache" — and then what? You can not make love for hours — sex becomes predictable and boring on!

Usually the first thing that disappears from the life of the couple under the pressure of routine — a sudden desire to make love middle of the night only to that inadvertently discover his beautiful man so close … There is a deep conviction that the "beautiful people" are not going anywhere, so you (and your) sound sleep is more important than a sudden passion. Who needs this lack of sleep and explosions of emotion? Wednesday-Saturday much easier, right?

Try it once disrupt your normal schedule of sexual pleasures. Instead of the usual evening the set lie in bed before … To the question, yet because beloved husband responds, sleep itself sweet nabyraysya forces. But in the morning, at dawn (you can even make an alarm just in case), order him wonderfully-nostalgic romance.

Let him remember what it is — to love one another simply because they really, really want to. And it does not look at the clock, work, weather, and common decency.

Boredom in bed is not to suggest that feelings have cooled. This is a normal stage in the life of the couple. You showed each other love. Armor of knights and beautiful ladies fan removed in the barn …

Sexual relations can not be equal, they resemble the dance — the closer, the more, the weaker the stronger.

The main thing — do the next step, but sadly not to trample on the same spot!

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