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Conception Conception occurs during vnutriutrobie mother. Sperm penetrated the egg, start it with one word "capture." Then there is conception.

The embryo develops in vnutriutrobie mother if the pregnancy goes well, the baby is born healthy. If otherwise, everything is bad, chances are the baby to be born with some disabilities. In this and in other cases, the expectant mother should look after themselves, do not catch a cold, try to maintain a correct and healthy life, taking fewer antibiotics, but if you suddenly fall ill — take only those drugs that are suitable for pregnant women.

Conception — Fast enough, while difficult phase in the life of the egg. After this period, the body is changing, and how these "changes" can affect your health, does not depend on you. It often doing morning exercises, and if there is extra money — to attend occasional special courses that teach relaxation techniques and stress relief while wearing the baby. Be very attentive to their health, because you carry a second "self", and the life and health of your baby depends not on him but on you.

Many pregnant women smoke, and did not hesitate for a moment on the fact that wearing a little man who suffocated by the smoke of cigarettes. If you are committed conception, and still can not way to quit smoking, think, even for a moment, because you can give birth to a person of any deviations, which later will not tell you "thank you."

Conception can be done in any suitable romantic look to your place. The main thing — that it was really a loved one from which you want to have a baby. For building a romantic picture you can rent a hotel room, for example, and if you do not want to retire and then in his living room. In any case, no matter where, and importantly — with anyone. So do not choose a place where you can tune in to the romance, and a person who without the influence of the place can set you on the love iddiliyu. The main thing is that all this really happened for real, and then you will succeed.

Winter Conception can be useful as childbirth accounted for autumn, rich in vitamins, fresh fruit and vegetables.

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