Diamir K — New diabetic diet foods


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"Diamir K" - New diabetic diet foods.Trading House "Diamir K" — New diabetic products on the market

Trading House "Diamir K" — a dynamic organization that firmly established the leaders of the Russian market of health food. We guarantee our customers highly professional service and support throughout Russia, and our clients have the opportunity to enjoy a wide range of services to supply a huge range of diabetic diet foods from the best manufacturers of product lines, we also guarantee our customers the highest quality of all products.

Our organization is deservedly proud of its skilled team of employees and the reputation that we have gained during their work. Because many experts of our company working in the field dyetyky and have extensive experience, they have the necessary knowledge and skills to successfully use them in their work.

The scope of the Trade House "Diamir K" also includes cooperation with the Russian Diabetes Association — namely organized days of diabetes and other activities within the organization.

We primarily care about the comfort of our customers and that the products should be available at any time, for this reason, and was established diabetic food store online. Now our customers in all regions of the country have the opportunity to buy goods very quickly, it organizes the delivery service, all orders are processed through an urgent manner perfectly adjusted system.

In 2007, the product range of the Trade House "Diamir K" on the basis of sorbitol and fructose supplemented, by products released under the brand name «Bifrut». That these products for a healthy diet is very attractive to our customers, because tastes great features and striking design, through this product, we were able to significantly increase the range of quality products, in addition to present consumer demand for diet products is increasing day by day.

Our company sells diet foods, usually they are needed for people suffering from diabetes, and in addition they consume those who adhere to a certain diet. If you need products that are composed of a variety of sweeteners, such as sorbitol or fructose you will always find them in our store.

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