Information for nursing mothers


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Information for nursing mothersNothing will give children vital nutrients and

Essential antibodies in more than milk.

Professionals advise young mothers to breastfeed only the first six

months to help prevent children's diseases and many

enhance the overall development of the child. Another benefit of breast-

Breastfeeding is a strong link exists between mother and

child. This article provides some tips to help

young mothers make the process of breastfeeding easier and more convenient.


Many books and accessories can guide you and help with breast

feeding. Once you have made this important decision — to feed

breastfeeding your baby, you have to get the books that tell

you of all that you have. So when your child

born to you will already have a wealth of knowledge to help

you do everything right. Items such as pillows, ottomans, chairs,

clothing for breastfeeding too are important and buying

them in advance can save you from hassle.

It is important to start feeding the baby as soon as possible after birth,

to provide his body with all the necessary substances. It is desirable

to first feeding occurred no later than one hour after

birth. Experts recommend breast feed your entire stay

in the hospital. If you feed your baby with a bottle, it could

result in rejection of the breast, as this may lead to the fact that

You lost milk. This can deprive your baby the most useful

for him colostrum, milk is held during the first week

after birth.

At the beginning of each feeding be sure to use a breast

opposite to the one that was used in previous feeding. It

help prevent pain.

Let your child plenty of time for each breast, about

10 to 15 minutes. Changing sides too quickly can lead to

that the child receives all the necessary nutrients from it

milk. When it's time to move to the other side, make sure that

was belching, this will allow your baby to eat better. Carefully select special clothes for nursing mothers, it helps you feel comfortable and look beautiful.

Be relaxed during feeding — this will protect your child from

stress. Stress and frustration can reduce the amount of your milk

and affect the health of the baby.

What you eat on a direct effect on the milk. If you eat spicy food

then the baby can begin gases if drinking a lot of caffeine, it could

lead to sleep disorders. Try to eat healthy, so that your

body fell as many vitamins and minerals that are

consequently get through the milk to your baby. If you notice that

your child started gases, more than normal or disorder

tummy, then maybe he reacts to certain foods, you


The amount of food you eat and the calories consumed by your need

be increased. To your regular diet, you should add about

500 calories.

Finally, make sure you have plenty of time to rest. Do

refuse the help of friends and family members to sleep.

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