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Spain: the Costa del salt - "Sunny Beach"Continuing series of beautiful villages situated on the south coast

Spain near Malaga. Here is the resort of Costa del salt on

which is never «dead season». On the coast near Malaga 300

days of the year the sun fries, so nicknamed him «Sunny Beach».



In spring and summer the local coastline occupying Beachgoers.

In winter, the snow slopes of Sierra Nevada are directed skiers. Yet

feel great!



A couple of days spent at the beach, you’ll want

new experiences. That means it’s time to go

tour. The main attractions of Malaga are compact,

so walk along it becomes tedious. First

go up to the Alcazaba. So is the fortress-palace of the Muslim

owners. Then, if you do not get tired, you can climb even higher, to

Hibralfaro — Granada residence caliph Yusuf. What a fantastic

overlook! When you go down down you can look at an old

bodega El Pimpi, to a drink of sherry and eat

its Topas — a piece of smoked sausage or ham, olives, chips and

olives. Well, that’s refreshed! And now will go into the house-museum of Pablo

Picasso. After all, a great artist — born in Malaga. Antonio Banderas also

local celebrity. Every year he visits their homes and participating in

charity events.


Spain: the Costa del salt - "Sunny Beach"To the west of Malaga located resort town. The most

considered fashionable Marbella. Its marble semykylometrovuyu

embankment washed every day with soap and street Avenida del Mar

decorated with original sculptures by Salvador Dali! On the waterfront Estepona

can see the coast of Africa and the Cape of Gibraltar. A deserved quiet summer holiday pensioners

and solid business for themselves pryhledily Estepona Beach. In its

surroundings is a popular safari park Selwo Aventura.



Only on the coast amusement park located in Benalmadena.

There is also a marine aquarium and dolphinarium pinhvinariy, casino

Flamenco show. Torremolinos — most visited and cosmopolitan with

resorts — in summer belongs to youth. And the tourists with an average

abundance favorite of the former fishing village of Fuengirola. And shopping here

just great!



Well, how do you like it? Indeed, the remarkable

trip! Hope you got more impressions

examining the unique caves of Nerja are open for free visits in

you can go from Malaga?

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