There is a way to keep warm


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There is a way to keep warm!When damp outside, out on the street — quite a feat that requires extensive training: sweaters, jackets, boots, hats, scarves, gloves …

Winter — a wonderful time of year. At least, that now we learn to truly appreciate the warmth. Imagine how nice after a long walk in the cold zakutatysya soft blanket and climbing to his feet on the couch, drinking lime tea. We offer you a set of simple "warming" measures that help to survive the winter.

When it's cold outside, and the sun appears rarely, it's time to go to the bath. A good pair will deprive your body of excess fluid, clean the skin and bring toxins, and most importantly — give nutritious warm! However, any sane, do not overdo it — sit in the steam room for a few minutes and always annoying head.

Beware, in sparing mode you want to steam hypertensive and cores, and acute and chronic diseases of the skin problems of the bath is better to forget.

When the streets are ruled struggled winter cold, the body begins to demand a hearty meal. In order to function properly and maintain the vitality it needs fuel! Customize the taste will help seasoning: hot peppers, ginger and garlic. Dishes with warm spices and "wake up" the stomach. Spices are generally very helpful. Pepper used to prevent cancer. Garlic resists viruses. Ginger stimulates digestion and eliminates toxins.

With the onset of cold weather change the blanket under which you usually sleep on downy — it is completely weightless and is warm! In your "nest" will always be comfortable. You can buy a nice water bottle bright color — it will quickly warm up, if for some reason your loved one are not around.

Fashion trend this winter — things related hand. Down or wool socks, hats, scarves can be worn by itself or to give to someone from the family. Do not know how to deal with needles? Try crocheting. This technique is more accessible.

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