Time for change


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Time to change!I want to change something in my life, but can not meet the spirit? Start the update straight from today.


Remember how many times have you promised yourself, "I'll start tomorrow morning with a Charge"? You're probably already in an account zbylasya long time ago! We offer tomorrow morning to announce the implementation of the planned time and do exercises. For starters, you can in bed. Only deal: after sweet potyahushek you are not going kutatysya in a blanket, then to no less sweet sleep! To avoid this simply, doing stretching immediately start doing exercises from a seated position. For example, you bend your back or sitting in bed cross-legged, perform incline to the side. And every time these movements should be more energetic.


After charging running in the shower! Apply to body gel with the scent of citrus and then "wash away" the remnants of sleep!

Evening with a book

Spend evenings sitting in front of the TV, and then regret that spent time in vain. Get rid of bad habits is quite simple. You can, for example, pay TV friends. If this is not acceptable to you, in advance Watch our TV schedule, notes of interest to you and see just transfer them. A dedication released hours reading a lesson for the soul.

No snacking

That is very bad in between times, you know since childhood. But that does not stop you sitting at the computer, uplitaty chips or burgers. If you have long wanted to get rid of this habit, we'll help you do it. Bring lunch to work in the container, it is desirable that a portion was great. As soon want to eat, then head for the kitchen and on the plate aside a small portion (half of your palm) utoly hunger. Eat slowly! The day will take 4-5 short lunch break. And of chips and buns thou shalt remember.

MORE walk!  

Every Friday you plan to spend a weekend in the countryside. But Saturday morning plans change, because you too lazy to leave the house. This time the walk will take place! After all, you want to make skin was beautiful and always looked fresh. Forest air better than any makeup!


Every time you suddenly notice that the power to change things and it carries strongly — offer up myself little presents. So you will understand that change — fun!

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