When brought to a boil


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When brought to a boilSome features female behavior in bed is very annoying man! Which, you tell the psychologist Sergei Bandura.

In the thick novels, which describes, for example, the harsh Middle Ages, you can find a figurative expression, "Reset shackles of shame." However, the beautiful? At that time, the transition to physical love very much meant for a girl that could result in a kick out of the house, disinherited, or perhaps cloister. Since the heroine of the novel suffered terribly undecided and so selflessly given themselves — even to a life at stake!

Now, with the invention of condoms, sex in the long run does not change anything. But for some reason some girls in bed they are the heroine of the novel. They are so shy! Asking turn and look, hiding under the covers, nervous require turn off the lights. You know how annoying it is?

You can consider themselves non-ideal and ashamed of his appearance, but why is officially reporting it? Here's how it looks from the perspective of a man, "I chose it as it devalues my choice" …

I can not reproduce here all the words, we want to hear from a woman he loved in bed. It so happened that the Russian vocabulary describing sex can hardly be called literary. But why are you even tet can not say some words? And sometimes even silent …

Look's face when the two of you, and you're almost naked, remember the "decency" late. And late to think about how your body looks … To cope with the stiffness, do try to think less of yourself.

Better to think of it, he charming and gentle, as well smell. If the smell is not very good, why — do not go together in the shower. You could rub it back. He rubbed his back to you.

Such grace bring together better than a quickie with lights off. Then deliver more, much more fun.

Perhaps all that is written above you seemed complete nonsense and generally it is not about you.

And you're ready to walk around naked all day in front of his champion! You nakydayeshsya on him like a hungry lion, and shy you will not name.

If so. the risk of losing the relationship entered into for you to

Just the opposite. Fact. that a hungry lioness pounces solely on production, but given his lion gently and humbly, otherwise it will not please.

Remember: your a male can get away from you as lively deer, if you will too aggressively and persistently configured.

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