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Wag long ciliaHow often do we see women on TV with stunning, long lashes. We insist that the result of applying fangled mascara. But this is not so. This effect is mainly achieved through the extension lashes. The procedure for eyelash, very similar to the procedure of gluing false eyelashes, with one exception in the extension eyelashes go or one pieces or bundles.

Accrued lashes look not only beautiful, but they are very practical. First, the girl will not have to spend time on makeup, just saves money on buying mascara and tools to make-up remover, and as they do not lose color, paint is not washed off.

Technology build only two. The first extension beams & ndash-traditional method. With this method, the lashes are collected in bunches and fasten it in your own lashes. Upon customer request the length and thickness of the beam can vary. The second method is called Japanese. When using this method lashes one by one pieces are attached to the base of your lashes. This method is more durable, and a correction must be done no more frequently than once a month.

At the beginning of extension, the client is determined by the length, color and method eyelash. Next, the wizard removes makeup from your eyes, degreasing the skin with a special tool, and proceeds to the building. The material of which the accrued lashes, often acting natural hair. To avoid possible allergic reactions preference should be given just such eyelashes.

During the buildup no difficulties. Master using curved forceps is artificial viyu puts it into the glue and stick it to the base of your natural lashes.

Specific contraindications for eyelash extension no. The glue that is used while building completely hypoallergenic, but if there is a likelihood of allergies, is to build only a couple of eyelashes and monitor the reaction to the substance.

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