A woman among men


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A woman among menCurrent statistics show that in hiring 74% of employers prefer the stronger sex, 14% of elected women and 12% of employers no matter who they take to work — man or woman.

The woman at the bank

Consider the example of the distribution of sex among the employees in the bank. Recently there has been a significant increase in the number of female workers. Community eroding decades of the last century there were stereotypes. Today, men are more willing to trust women to leadership positions. With this self-confidence of women in their abilities increases and they are soaring up the corporate ladder.

For many women work in the bank — it's a great opportunity to make a career or a good opportunity to marry a banker. Career growth largely depends on their skills, knowledge and aspirations. But sometimes it happens that vklyuchyvshys poured into the work and in the community, she admires fellow man. Diligent work and office romance can give a woman a double win — move up the career ladder, improve their financial situation, independence and expanding the range of their communication, search of the second half.

Man and woman in conversation

You want — you do not want, but the way women and men are constantly intertwined. Somewhere just talked, built around love, around developing cooperation — through partnerships. Houses are quarrels in love — images and at work — the differences. Yet, business communication at work between men and women — it is a complex process of contacts, the source of which is the need to work together and maintaining a common cause. More emotional women often make it difficult to communicate, but they more closely and effectively absorb the information it receives, unlike men who listen to only the first fifteen seconds, and then start thinking about her.

Meaningful relation to his work, patience, communication — that's the key capabilities successfully resolve the problem, the task of the dispute. The woman at the bank, office or other organization — is the same strong and capable worker as a man. The main thing is not to get lost and promptly take necessary steps to solve the problem.

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