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Diagnosis: workaholicAccording to psychologists, the regular alternation of work and rest — the main guarantee of health. Loss of working rhythm during holidays or prolonged holidays, oddly enough, is not conducive to recuperation, but rather often provokes their decline, if it turns passive recreation, that consists of a long sleep, excessive eating, watching TV and "hang" in social networks. Still better way to relax than none at all!


Almost all workaholics are prone to depression, phobias, anxiety, neuroses and other mental disorders. In addition, they often die in 30-40 years from a heart attack and stroke. The reason for the increased cardiovascular risk — to stress, lack of exercise and lack of attention to their health. Even ill, workaholic goes to work, not vidlezhuyetsya home. And the diet he was watching — snack, the need to give too much sugar, cholesterol and caffeine.


In the right rhythm

The possibilities are not limitless body if forcing him to function in a continuous rhythm, leaving no time for sleep and rest, it will sooner or later it will refuse. What to do if you're on the verge of forces and capabilities?


Keep working zeal!

No matter how responsible a person you are, do whatever — it is impossible, but excessive stress can inflict a crushing blow to the body. Force yourself to be lazy: Sort case delay is not the most urgent. But most importantly — learn to relax: all diseases of the nerves, or rather, from nervous strain.


Learn disconnect

To reduce fatigue, take a simple breathing exercise for relaxation: slow breathing (3 seconds) and a slower breathing (9 seconds). Read Women's Online Magazine, relax, turn away.


Wise up for

So called yoga exercises for fingers, which effectively helps fight stress. Perepletit 4 fingers and big connect the house. Let the fingers of his right hand will be on top. This wise invigorates and relaxes, relieves fatigue and excessive nervous tension.


Every hour do workout

Pull up the hands, cave, do head turning from side to side, circular rotation of the hands, feet, etc. Or take it a rule to get up from the table and just walk down the hall five minutes at a comfortable pace. Prolonged static posture leads to compression of the spinal nerves of the cervical spine.

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