Down conventions


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Down conventions! Do you still believe conventional wisdom sex stereotypes? It may not matter affect your relationship. Every loving couple dreams of harmony in bed, but that it is not easy to achieve. The scope of this delicate! Come to understand especially difficult if any of you building a relationship based on stereotypes standard scenario. Let's look at the settings that you gave "inherited" Mom, remember the rules of conduct in the bed that you once shared with friends. Should I follow them?

Fiction or Truth?

What are the mistakes in this area are very popular among girls? "Sex obliges man." When your girlfriend after the first stormy night with a casual acquaintance assured you that now they will live together happily ever after, you were skeptical. Just think, just sex! But she, looking, and his newfound lover of sleep, I come to the view that owns the rights to it. After you have had sex! You might think about repairs to his apartment and plan your life together. After a night of love man nothing else you should not. Do not rush to conclusions and not proximity switches in the category of commodity-money relations. "In bed LEADS partner." It used to be that people should be more experienced. A modest young lady should his instructions … Most think that if the initiative proyavlyatyme only one, how do you feel each other? Make love with a bored girlfriend is not too interested in your partner quickly lost enthusiasm. He decides that excites you. "I had an orgasm." And he is not coming! Do not portray screams passion — responsive partner vlovyt lie. Orgasm may not come for some reason — maybe you're too nervous. Or your boyfriend has not yet revealed all of your erogenous zones. Do not try to imitate hetero with frivolous movies. Try to relax, listen to the feelings hint man who caresses you like. And eventually, when you learn to subtly feel each other, you will feel the thrill. "He thinks about contraception." Maybe you are lucky and he would get a condom from his pocket and wears his resignation. And if you do not receive? And to answer your question, that never use this thing that spoils it all kicks? Take care of your health alone. Pre pile condom or any chemical remedy — candles or cream. And of course, if a young person is generally opposes contraception, you have every right to come and go. Better to define its position, then there were no misunderstandings.

Do you know how!

The relationship between two people is not like the others. Stranger example can be both valuable and useless. Each pair of establishing sexual life by trial and error. Learn to trust yourself, listen partner, and you will find understanding in bed and beyond.

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