The contract worth more than money


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The contract worth more than moneyNot to be faced with unpleasant surprises, you must examine what you are signing, settling for a job.

The official term "contract" definitely sounds simple word "negotiate." However, the employment contract — a document he has in mind in writing. The employer and employee should sign each page, so no more "unknown" items. After that receives a copy of the new employee and the other is sent to Human Resources. Now, if some dispute, each party may rely on his point: "And here it is written that job descriptions are here and I am not bound by others!"

Therefore, we must understand that if the employer informally promised one thing and the contract is different, you will not achieve the promised way to … except, again, unofficial.

In fact, even if you have nothing signed, but actually started the responsibilities — you are considered an employee. But in that case prove something if necessary are harder: you need a minimum of testimony.

Written negotiate with an employer can be different. The first page should indicate type of contract:

Indefinite — In this case, you will most likely parted with the organization voluntarily or redundancy. Free you can only "Article", and it is a difficult and troublesome thing.

URGENT — It clearly states the number of acts to which the document. The term of this would be, in principle, either. And when it ends, you have every right to say goodbye, without explaining the reasons. However, if the order was not issued on time — you're at the end of the term are considered full-time employees are.

Conclusion for the production of works (Duration not determined calendar, and the volume made).

The last two types of contracts provide workers the same rights as the first: they rely all appropriate payments, benefits, vacation. A labor agreement — essentially another paper. In this case, the parties agree only that the task is done, and it will be paid a certain amount. Not a decree on admission, employment history is not issued, not paid sick leave.

All tested? All satisfying? Good luck on your new place!

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