The excitement of the parents in the first months of life


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The excitement of the parents in the first months of lifeThe first months of life the infant — time happy and very exciting. Once the condition is no longer fit into crumbs rules announced by pediatricians, parents receive a great reason to panic. Let's be clear: when really worry, and when — for anxiety no reason.

The greatest excitement experienced by newly parents in the first three months. First 100 Days — a special period in the life of the baby. Scarce after 9 months of quiet maturation in amniotic fluid enters the & bdquo-water-free "world, experiencing the birth of the strongest stress. All this can not but affect the appearance and condition crumbs. Lot of these & bdquo-oddities" babies are the norm and not require special treatment. Physiological erythema. The color of the skin of newborn red, baby reminds pomydorchyk or boiled lobster. By the end of the second day erythema reaches a maximum and then gradually to the end of the week, color becomes pale pink hue. In — 8-10th day — life — in — some kids (both girls and boys) can see nahrubanye — and — redness milk — glands. — Often there — selection — white with swollen breasts and genitals. In — baby girls are not excluded spotting — the genital tract. All these phenomena are related to — the parent — sex hormones that some time after birth continue to circulate in the bloodstream of the child. After 2-3 weeks, these symptoms go down to nothing by themselves. So strongly — Do not (!) Squeeze the secret of the breast and chest handle chips-which drugs.


On the nose, chin, forehead visible baby smooth, white eels, the size of a pinhead. This accumulated secretions of sebaceous glands in utero crumbs. Concern, again, no — a month or two they will disappear.

Control measurements

Usually in the first month of a baby adds at least 300 grams to the weight at discharge. In the second month gain more — from 900 to 1100 then monthly weight gain is an average of 700 grams or so to six months. From 6 to 9 months when the baby begins to move, weight gain slows down and a monthly allowance of about 500 g, and 9 months and up, the weight increases by 300-350 grams per month.


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