The whole world in a drop of dew


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The whole world in a drop of dewMacro mastered the technique, you can permanently keep the memory of the warm dnynky. Tell what?

When in the middle of the XVIII century Swedish naturalist Carl Linnaeus created his very first at work on the classification of living organisms, he had to settle for pictures or dried specimens of plants. You had more luck: you can create your own fotoherbariy!

To do this the first time you only need a camera with macro capabilities. And, of course, unrestrained curiosity of the researcher. Do not start to learn to "serious" books. So the first thing you will discover: Macro — it is incredibly difficult and requires such a large number of equipment that you fall asleep before dochytayesh the whole list to the end.

Our advice: better to start with field practice! Accidentally got cool footage will inspire you a lot more. And when you learn to use all voozmozhnosti camera and will want to move on, you can contact the books, special magazines, online resources.

When shooting flowers difficulty increase. Not only that tulip zabralosya unknown insect and then you torment question: "Who are you filming this?" — So the flower still swinging in the wind!

This suggests that it is necessary not only to fix the camera on a tripod, but the same model. If possible, do it (this will rescue the usual linen pin). Another point seems ridiculous at first glance. Experienced photographers are advised to protect the lens filter from the "chemical attack" insects: ant quite spsobov splash spray acid that can damage the finish clarifying lens.

To make an interesting shot, better to put the focus manually. As long as you have enough automation capabilities of your camera, you can not think of buying expensive lenses and other technical tricks. "Click" a quiet all you seem interesting building compositional interesting pictures.

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