Why do we flowers


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Why do we flowers?

Why do we flowers?

Did you know that dyes, pigments, often derived from plants and flowers. For example, the pigment cornflower, back in the old days used for dyeing and making ink. It is used now, but in the manufacture of cosmetics and food industry. Cornflower pigment is very stable, almost not affected by time. Scientists have found the tomb of Tutankhamun are not sick wreath of flowers cornflower have kept their shape and color.

Nowadays, most of the raw materials used in the manufacture of medicines get it from plants. More than 500 species of plants containing medicinal substances in the leaves, stems, roots in colors. Extracts of these plants and used in pharmaceuticals. And later in pharmacies selling teas and fees, as well as some dried plants. People living in rural areas, most still harvest these or other herbs, using them for their needs. And well known not only do these plants, but also the time of collection, the set of rules Grass.

Not many of us know that in the world there are nearly 30 thousand varieties of iris? Irises famous beauty and wonderful scent, which in an iris with not only flowers, but also the roots. And that extracts of iris root is used in the manufacture of perfumes and fragrances even wines.

Some flowers can help fight pests fields and gardens. Marigolds and carnations, as well as garlic, which are planted among the strawberries help protect vegetable crops from insects. Strong smell of geraniums easily deters pests of houseplants. Chamomile and cornflower levies pests of wheat and rye.

Flowers, especially garden rather capricious and require good care, for example — a transplant. But not all flowers! For example, peonies can grow for decades and direct care. Scientists are cases where peonies grow in one place for more than a hundred years.

In France in the early XVIII century suddenly comes into vogue flower … potatoes. Popular now vegetable crop had just conquered Europe. To draw attention to the tile, the royal physician Antoine Parmante prykolol bouquet of flowers potatoes Louis XVI on the jacket and he was with him to the ball. The French know instantly picked up this fashion. Bouquets of flowers potatoes out of happiness is not in fashion, but with a beautiful bouquet of garden flowers you always appropriate and you can order a bouquet with delivery to Moscow.

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