Spain the Costa del salt — Sunny Beach


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Spain: the Costa del salt - "Sunny Beach"Continuing series of beautiful villages situated on the south coast

Spain near Malaga. Here is the resort of Costa del salt on

which is never «dead season». On the coast near Malaga 300

days of the year the sun fries, so nicknamed him «Sunny Beach».



In spring and summer the local coastline occupying Beachgoers.

In winter, the snow slopes of Sierra Nevada are directed skiers. Yet

feel great!



A couple of days spent at the beach, you’ll want

new experiences. That means it’s time to go

tour. The main attractions of Malaga are compact,

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Luxurious Spring


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Luxurious SpringEven the neutral shades of winter ensemble will not make you a gray mouse. Be glamorous in a gray double-breasted coat prytalennom with straight shoulders. Floor tie scarf pattern.

Lighter than air

The down jacket air — permanent fashion leader of this winter. The fitted silhouette, voluminous shoulders plus quilted fabric — and you want to soar above the clouds! A black dress monohromatychnost — always elegant.

Be warm

Immersed in the sun in a yellow shortened blazer with contrasting buttons. If the brightness is not enough — supplement scarf and mitts blazer stripes. Read the rest of this entry »

All about Facial Toner


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All about Facial TonerWhat are tonics (lotions)? To complete cleansing of the skin (ie, the funds are used after jelly, mousse or gel). They remove the remnants of dirt and cleaning agents that are always present on the skin after washing. If you do not clear them, eventually it will negatively affect the skin (found that this is one of the most common causes of dryness, tightness, uneven color and irritated epidermis). In addition, lotions tone and moisturize your skin, preparing it to spray cream.

How to choose the right tonic?

Based on the type of skin (it is usually printed on the product label). Read the rest of this entry »

Toothache How To Be


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Toothache.  What to do?You run to the dentist only with acute toothache, bleeding gums and in general do not pay attention? But in vain, because it is the beginning of periodontitis.

Never too late

Dentists are sure the main cause of periodontitis is that we properly clean your teeth. Few of us regularly use dental flosses (floss for cleaning interdental spaces). Poorly cleaned plaque eventually turns into tartar, which accumulates during microbes. In time between the tooth and the gum is formed periodontal pockets — a gathering of infection.

Tooth abnormality

Periodontal — tissues that surround and hold the tooth (bone, gums, mucous membrane and ligaments). Read the rest of this entry »

Green heart of oil


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Green heart of oilOil precious fruit of this tree is called liquid gold — thanks to a unique utility product for the body.

The first drink that receive a newborn baby in ancient Greece — Water … of oil sheet. It was believed that passing this ordinance, the child lifelong thirst will not know how it knows oilseed tree that does not need watering. According to Greek archaeologists, people began to cultivate olives about 60 thousand years ago. The quality olive oil mainly depends on the place of origin. The climate, soil, variety and cultivation method directly affect the quality of olives. Read the rest of this entry »

Time for change


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Time to change!I want to change something in my life, but can not meet the spirit? Start the update straight from today.


Remember how many times have you promised yourself, "I'll start tomorrow morning with a Charge"? You're probably already in an account zbylasya long time ago! We offer tomorrow morning to announce the implementation of the planned time and do exercises. For starters, you can in bed. Only deal: after sweet potyahushek you are not going kutatysya in a blanket, then to no less sweet sleep! To avoid this simply, doing stretching immediately start doing exercises from a seated position. Read the rest of this entry »