Here prude


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Here prude!How to overcome stiffness, confusion that you feel in bed?

Favourite insistently caresses you, but for some reason you do not rozslablyayeshsya from his gentle touch. And, conversely, bentezhyshsya, napruzhuyeshsya and closes. Well, nothing you can not do with your stiffness! Although you know that something is wrong …

Where did this shyness?

The point is you?

Think maybe you kompleksuyesh because of their looks? The procedure for stripping for you so painful because you convinced no poet compare your figure with a guitar, and skin — with a delicate silk. Read the rest of this entry »

Calls on the Internet


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Calls on the InternetA computer program Skype will allow you to spend a lot of pleasant moments, listening to the voices of loved ones. Internet is not only convenient to download and share a variety of information by electronic messages. In 2004 came a voice online — pager — Skype. This program instantly fell in love with business people friendly but poor students and other residents of the network. She can not only free chat with any Skype user worldwide, but also to make calls to regular phones at low prices.

Quickly virus

The idea in the air, but most of all bearings hot Estonian guys. Read the rest of this entry »

Perfect legs always in sight


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Perfect legs always in sightSummer & ndash-this is the beach, the sun, loved mini skirts and finally sandals. This shoe mind that our legs will be seen, and therefore, must always be well groomed.

But to become a perfect legs need to work on it. First of all, you need to pay attention to their condition. And if you care for feet not become your lifestyle, you should immediately go to your local beauty salon where your feet will take professionals. If beauty & ndash-is power, then believe me, it is worth nothing if there is no health, which means that you need not only to monitor the beauty of the legs, but also for their health. Read the rest of this entry »

Eastern Mosaic


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Eastern MosaicTo get to the tale of "1001 Nights" takes very little: a pinch of spice, a drop of sweet aromas and … desire to learn something new.

In the East, a bath with aromatic rose oil and rose petals — a favorite way to relax. But experts claim that true nirvana can only be achieved in the event that an hour after this tub to hold body massage using special oils.

Without a fragrant drink in the East is not conducted any meeting. Even the weary traveler can not meet there with bread and salt, and offered him a bowl or cup of tea and then will lead a leisurely conversation with him about life. Read the rest of this entry »

Oleoresin — from Word of Life


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Oleoresin - the word "Life" The first association that occurs in most people the word "turpentine" — a strong odor. But the adherents of a healthy lifestyle and natural remedies treatment immediately call Zalmanov name. Yeah, this medicinal product resin industry akin to the Russian doctor who practiced in the early XX century.

Therapeutic SPIRIT needles

Turpentine is a colorless or yellowish liquid with the smell of pine, insoluble in water. This is a real fountain of essential oils, fragrances and other nutrients. Get stuff in different ways from wood or resin (gum) trees conifers. Read the rest of this entry »

A woman among men


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A woman among menCurrent statistics show that in hiring 74% of employers prefer the stronger sex, 14% of elected women and 12% of employers no matter who they take to work — man or woman.

The woman at the bank

Consider the example of the distribution of sex among the employees in the bank. Recently there has been a significant increase in the number of female workers. Community eroding decades of the last century there were stereotypes. Today, men are more willing to trust women to leadership positions. With this self-confidence of women in their abilities increases and they are soaring up the corporate ladder. Read the rest of this entry »