Diagnosis workaholic


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Diagnosis: workaholicAccording to psychologists, the regular alternation of work and rest — the main guarantee of health. Loss of working rhythm during holidays or prolonged holidays, oddly enough, is not conducive to recuperation, but rather often provokes their decline, if it turns passive recreation, that consists of a long sleep, excessive eating, watching TV and "hang" in social networks. Still better way to relax than none at all!


Almost all workaholics are prone to depression, phobias, anxiety, neuroses and other mental disorders. In addition, they often die in 30-40 years from a heart attack and stroke. Read the rest of this entry »

Diet and dental cosmetic surgery


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Diet and dentistry, plastic surgery

Diet and dentistry, plastic surgery

It is difficult to judge whether beauty will save our world, but everyone probably knows that the beauty of our body — the basis of emotionally rich and happy life, which is a measure of material prosperity and good health.

If you realize that beauty — indeed a powerful force, and in fact would like to support the latest technologies of the beauty industry to form your body like a true temple of the soul — our forum for you. Here you will find a variety of information about what modern cosmetic surgery that targets can solve cosmetic dentistry, how to choose and use makeup that can solve the task cosmetic dentistry. Read the rest of this entry »

If a child that unsociable do


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If a child is lonely, what to do?Children — being open and curious. At least most of them. But there are those who are not eager to talk. They live in a confined space, like in a shell and entice them out is not so easy. But it should be! Gloomy, taciturn, shy — such epithets usually closed reward children. In fact, shyness — it's not about them. Shy want to chat, but do not know how and are afraid. A closed do not want and can not. They are in my little world, letting him only next: mother, father, grandmother, favorite cat or hamster. Parents are often blamed for closure of sophistication and talent — say, such a child with normal kids simply uninteresting. Read the rest of this entry »

Search the web


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Search the web Dating online for women over 40, it is a myth or reality? For a long time thinking about this issue, and yet decided … Registered on dating sites, but without posting pictures it is not moved forward. Took photos, and ordinary (real) and waited …


We had to wait for long, letters and proposals showered like snow on his head, had only written a study questionnaire and respond (or not respond). As included in excitement at first decided to leave no unanswered, except with the mass of letters spelling mistakes, these applicants vidmesla strongly (warp my ignorance). Read the rest of this entry »

Evening Dresses


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Evening DressesAll of us girls like to dress nicely. But Evening Dresses also sometimes have to wear. If you are invited to a special dinner or a concert at the Philharmonic or theater, you certainly should wear an evening dress.

Previously, when there was no more beautiful sundresses, chic skirts and colorful sweaters, girls wore every day only Evening Dresses. Unfortunately, or fortunately, we live with you not in the XVIII century, so today's fashion dictates its own rules.

For example, you can not put on the street or in a college gown, right? That is why most girls and how dependent today's fashion. Read the rest of this entry »

Coco Mademoiselle


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Coco MademoiselleRapidly burst into our lives with 21-year-old Kira Knightley, Coco Mademoiselle — It's lightweight, attractive and sensual fragrance.

Young and inspired this fragrance is the epitome of romance and femininity. It conveys the atmosphere of Paris spring, when love in the air and on the lips — the taste of a kiss. Champagne, fresh Top notes of orange and bergamot transferred into a clean heart chord with jasmine petals and morning rose. Base notes of patchouli and vetiver adds sensuality. Coco Mademoiselle - This is a completely new interpretation of the classic Coco. Read the rest of this entry »