Diet for citrus


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Diet for citrusOn cold winter days our body lacks vitamins, vitality and lightness. This can give citrus! They are full of useful unique elements, among which is to identify specific "agents of harmony." Calories in Citrus is very small: 100 g orange — 40 calories, grapefruit — 35 Lemon — 33. Low Calorie offset high content of vitamin C. And it not only helps to cope with negative mood and strengthen the immune system, but also efficiently combats with fatty deposits, facilitating assimilation "zhiroszhihatelnyy" mineral calcium. Citrus stimulate metabolic processes in the body. Read the rest of this entry »

Vitamins and skin shine


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Vitamins: leather and shine! These substances are involved in all the complex processes occurring in the body. Because they are part of the makeup!

What do vitamins are included in creams, shampoos, makeup? Yes, the same as the vitamins that you take by mouth. They provide antioxidant support the structure and tone of the skin, do not let it dry.

The structure of the lip balms often include bee products, such as milk and propolysnoe wax. They protect delicate skin from the cold, and if the lips are dry, do not allow cracks to form. Honey — this is certainly a very tasty and healthy! Read the rest of this entry »

The whole world in a drop of dew


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The whole world in a drop of dewMacro mastered the technique, you can permanently keep the memory of the warm dnynky. Tell what?

When in the middle of the XVIII century Swedish naturalist Carl Linnaeus created his very first at work on the classification of living organisms, he had to settle for pictures or dried specimens of plants. You had more luck: you can create your own fotoherbariy!

To do this the first time you only need a camera with macro capabilities. And, of course, unrestrained curiosity of the researcher. Do not start to learn to "serious" books. So the first thing you will discover: Macro — it is incredibly difficult and requires such a large number of equipment that you fall asleep before dochytayesh the whole list to the end. Read the rest of this entry »

Conception rebnka


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Conception Conception occurs during vnutriutrobie mother. Sperm penetrated the egg, start it with one word "capture." Then there is conception.

The embryo develops in vnutriutrobie mother if the pregnancy goes well, the baby is born healthy. If otherwise, everything is bad, chances are the baby to be born with some disabilities. In this and in other cases, the expectant mother should look after themselves, do not catch a cold, try to maintain a correct and healthy life, taking fewer antibiotics, but if you suddenly fall ill — take only those drugs that are suitable for pregnant women. Read the rest of this entry »

Female hormones


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Female hormonesHormones — kind of team "-CEOs" — our body, controlling all without exception — sex life, stress and the immune system. Likewise, they affect our weight and appetite. When you decided to eat dessert, you did not show weakness, but only obey their command.


Let's say you eat a donut. Are you sure deserve such indulgence in food, because the time was difficult and not without stress. It seems to be fast carbohydrates — just what is able to ease your feelings. But … last crumb icing sugar selected as desired relief did not occur. Read the rest of this entry »

Achieve balance


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Achieve balanceU.S. scientists found that daily menu "weight" in 1800 to 2500 kcal conventional balances the endocrine system and reduce the production of "hormones Age"

Over the years, better to reduce the number of hard animal fats are digested, but foods rich in vitamins to eat as much as possible. Beauty skin correspond carotene and vitamin A. They are many in carrots, tomatoes, milk, cheese, eggs, and fish oil. Vitamin refreshes the body, they are rich in greens and beans. Vitamin E, also called vitamin of youth, found in vegetable oils. Read the rest of this entry »