Dieting Does not otkazivay yourself of food but how


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Diet.  Do not otkazivay himself in food!  But how? If you decide to lose weight, are diet and will help you whether you need it at all? As they say: "If you want to lose weight, do not deprive yourself of food. Simply eat all you want, but at 90 cents a day." Perhaps rightly so. When you sit down on a diet (protein, water or even any), you do not think that rids the body whose vital substances. Even if all nutritionists shout loudly about what a product can easily replace the other — it's not true. If you are used to eating at a certain pace and then abruptly began to limit yourself to a meal, you may lose weight, but further results can be quite sad. Read the rest of this entry »

Why do we flowers


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Why do we flowers?

Why do we flowers?

Did you know that dyes, pigments, often derived from plants and flowers. For example, the pigment cornflower, back in the old days used for dyeing and making ink. It is used now, but in the manufacture of cosmetics and food industry. Cornflower pigment is very stable, almost not affected by time. Scientists have found the tomb of Tutankhamun are not sick wreath of flowers cornflower have kept their shape and color.

Nowadays, most of the raw materials used in the manufacture of medicines get it from plants. More than 500 species of plants containing medicinal substances in the leaves, stems, roots in colors. Read the rest of this entry »

Voyage by charm


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Voyage by charmHow to care for a woman in different countries? What they care about in the first place? Sometimes cosmetic procedures are rather curious.


Caucasian envy long, shiny, flowing hair of Indian women. But the skin of Indian women do not envy! Oily and porous, it would look awful if an Indian not regularly cares for her. There are many Indian recipes nourishing and moisturizing masks for oily skin, for example, a mask of crushed tomatoes, cucumbers and pumpkins. Or egg and honey!


When a resident of Europe falls into Tibetan mountain village, he surprised people women thick layer of shiny … Read the rest of this entry »

Baby Loading Please wait Education Home Health Diet and Fitness Cooking Fashion


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Children's EducationParenting & ndash-a very important task, especially for new parents. And well, if grandparents timely advice on how to act in one way or another situation. But there are circumstances where all the difficulties have to take responsibility for their parents' shoulders.

Sometimes young parents make the fatal mistake of believing that the child is too small for education. Raising a child should be engaged immediately after his birth. Of course, at every level of child development & ndash-has its own nuances educational work. The following errors undertaken by parents & ndash-is insufficient, or no incentive for the child. Read the rest of this entry »

Back to instincts


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Back to instinctsYou've forgotten what spontaneous sex. In your betting everything on schedule …

You and not the first day, the operation is "lapping" was successful, and now, apparently, you can enjoy cloudless life together, but … Somehow routine reached wherever it was closed path — in your bed!

On Mondays and Thursdays your dearest half plays football on Tuesdays — visiting her mother on Sunday goes with a friend in the pub. You also do not sit idle. A few hours a week set aside for hiking in the fitness center, but also you meet with a girl and you go shopping. Read the rest of this entry »

Advantages and disadvantages of nail extension


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Advantages and disadvantages of nails.Every woman wants to have long, shiny nails, but you need to carefully look at your nails, eat right, make a mask. Not all women have at this time and opportunity.
Many beauty salons offer this service as a nail.
What is the procedure?

Artificial nails is called a procedure during which a couple of hours can be completely painless build nails of any length and shape. If the work is done the professional, these nails are completely different from natural ones.

Methods exist many extensions. They differ Materials and Methods applying it to your own nails. Read the rest of this entry »