Influenza is a disease of the twentieth century


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Influenza - the disease of the twentieth century Every second man and child on Earth even know what the flu. No, no fungus, which grows in the woods on the lawn, it's another, more terrible and cruel flu — a disease that people are wary of a single pronunciation of the word "flu" anyone.

Because the flu — both terrible and horrible disease that struck a considerable number of people and conquered their virus numerous hospitals, clinics, kindergartens and many other public institutions where you can "catch" the crowds of people. 

Defeat influenza occurs primarily on the patient to a healthy person will continue at the current thread. Read the rest of this entry »

All elements of the sweet life


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All elements of the sweet lifeThe conventional wisdom is that the sugar — "white death" firmly fixed in our minds. But is it fair?

If your body needs to eat something sweet, it means you do not get the required amount of nutrients, not that you miss the sweet. Although, according to scientists, excessive intake of white sugar, which is a pure sucrose, weakens the body's ability to adapt to adverse environmental conditions, impairs health and shortens life. Still, let's not exaggerate: sugar continues to be a product of prime necessity.

Synonym carbohydrates

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Information for nursing mothers


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Information for nursing mothersNothing will give children vital nutrients and

Essential antibodies in more than milk.

Professionals advise young mothers to breastfeed only the first six

months to help prevent children's diseases and many

enhance the overall development of the child. Another benefit of breast-

Breastfeeding is a strong link exists between mother and

child. This article provides some tips to help

young mothers make the process of breastfeeding easier and more convenient.


Many books and accessories can guide you and help with breast

feeding. Once you have made this important decision — to feed

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Down conventions


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Down conventions! Do you still believe conventional wisdom sex stereotypes? It may not matter affect your relationship. Every loving couple dreams of harmony in bed, but that it is not easy to achieve. The scope of this delicate! Come to understand especially difficult if any of you building a relationship based on stereotypes standard scenario. Let's look at the settings that you gave "inherited" Mom, remember the rules of conduct in the bed that you once shared with friends. Should I follow them?

Fiction or Truth?

What are the mistakes in this area are very popular among girls? "Sex obliges man." When your girlfriend after the first stormy night with a casual acquaintance assured you that now they will live together happily ever after, you were skeptical. Read the rest of this entry »

Do as Bill Gates


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Do as Bill Gates!What to do if you caught up with ardent feelings in the service?

Recently, you suddenly caught myself thinking that the manager of the sales department is looking at you especially clear eyes … At work, you are now going like a holiday, but your hand every morning automatically unzips the extra buttons on your favorite blouse. Based on the symptoms, you naklovuyetsya office romance!

Today's rapid pace of development of the market is forcing us to spend more time at work, time and privacy are left. As a consequence, a growing number of people who are introduced and relationships directly tied to the office. Read the rest of this entry »

Healthy posture health for centuries


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Healthy posture - Care for the agesFor posture can judge the health of internal organs. The man with sunken shoulders and narrow chest, likely has lung problems, backache and torment him back — not the best "-mate" — jogging. Get rid of these problems will help physical activity. As a result, a person ceases to slouch and find confidence.

Problem curves

Severe violations (this may be scoliosis, and a stooped posture) lead to problems throughout the body. And the reasons are the same — lack of movement wont sit correctly and incorrectly matched load. For example, monotonous, repetitive movements with regular tennis lessons lead to Kosobokov. Read the rest of this entry »