Green heart of oil


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Green heart of oilOil precious fruit of this tree is called liquid gold — thanks to a unique utility product for the body.

The first drink that receive a newborn baby in ancient Greece — Water … of oil sheet. It was believed that passing this ordinance, the child lifelong thirst will not know how it knows oilseed tree that does not need watering. According to Greek archaeologists, people began to cultivate olives about 60 thousand years ago. The quality olive oil mainly depends on the place of origin. The climate, soil, variety and cultivation method directly affect the quality of olives. Greece, with its subtropical Mediterranean climate is considered to be the birthplace of oil. Olive trees are grown on 60% of agricultural land and plantations account for 132 million trees, which produced 350 thousand tons of olive oil annually. Moreover, 82% — the olive oil-class.

The study, which covered 13,000 people in seven countries has proven that all matter in the traditional diet of the region, based on fruits, cereals and vegetables. But the major discovery was the fact that the main source of fat for the inhabitants of these countries for many centuries, is olive oil. It is prepared, they fill with soups and salads, they are well moistened bread instead of butter. Olive oil improves the absorption of calcium and together with oleic acid in its composition, constantly rejuvenates the body.

For a long time vegetable oils were considered most useful, yet scientists have not discovered that only in olive oil contains monounsaturated fat. It is indispensable for the heart — reduces levels of "harmful" cholesterol and increases the level of "useful". Curative effect is obvious: oil not only has the body of harmful substances, but also struggling with the existing "deposits". Moreover, it is a rich source of antioxidants: provitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin C and polyphenols. They neutralize the molecules are "free radicals", which okyslyayuchys, cause irreplaceable damage to the body.

Today, the oil in its natural form is used to create face masks, creams based on it. At home, you can prepare a soothing mask for sensitive skin. Dry hair is also useful mask with olive oil put on half an hour to clean the hair. Relive that hair and skin remain zhirnovato, do not!

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