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Healthy posture - Care for the agesFor posture can judge the health of internal organs. The man with sunken shoulders and narrow chest, likely has lung problems, backache and torment him back — not the best "-mate" — jogging. Get rid of these problems will help physical activity. As a result, a person ceases to slouch and find confidence.

Problem curves

Severe violations (this may be scoliosis, and a stooped posture) lead to problems throughout the body. And the reasons are the same — lack of movement wont sit correctly and incorrectly matched load. For example, monotonous, repetitive movements with regular tennis lessons lead to Kosobokov. However, if you are not a professional, this problem does not threaten you.

General anxiety

No matter how old you are — 20, 30 or 40, cause posture often becomes invalid exercise as part of its regular muscles tense, and some "nedopratsovuye-'-. Often we "-nedohruzhat" — deep and support the spine muscles. They are difficult to load, so they need to train separately. And these exercises are designed to vary from aerobic or strength. To activate the deep muscles engaged in balancing platform or fitball. No wonder the hit group programs — functional training. In these studies we seem to prepare for real life situations — climbing stairs, walking on the slippery track. The rooms using different equipment — medicine ball, bosu, rollers, but you can lay the foundations of houses even without this equipment!

If your case does not require surgery, the correct posture in the first years the easiest. To do this, one should not only confine to any one type of activity — exercise should be varied. PA Ballet at the bench let back shoulders and jumping on a trampoline make work deep muscle groups that protect the shock load bodies. Before you purchase a home trampoline go to the lesson in fitness club with classes in this simulator. The coach will help you to choose and teach the correct group.

However trampoline lessons and dance classes will not replace strength training. Because muscles naturally support the spine. Adjust your posture to help these exercises like pull narrow reverse grip bench presses and press. They straighten the chest and unload the spine. -


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