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Specialty number 1This landmark product. New Year without caviar or not the new year! Also, a favorite delicacy — a real dietary supplement, very tasty and most importantly, absolutely natural.

This delicacy was served at the table as early as the second millennium BC. Caviar Sturgeon learned pickle Phoenicians and Egyptians. In the eggs of different species of fish were processed and serve in the XII century. Europeans appreciated the beauty of "fish eggs" only five centuries. However, for a long time it was an expensive product. And now considered to be the most festive food. But not only the original taste of caviar is the main advantage: it contains a wealth of valuable nutrients and vitamins that are present in it is in a form that is easy to assimilate our bodies. Caviar raises hemoglobin and even helps reduce cholesterol! The fact that fat calves have a high iodine value and include a large number of beneficial polyunsaturated fatty acids and lecithin. A carbohydrate and "harmful" fat, this delicacy is not at all.

The ladies will be pleased to know that are in the red caviar nutrients and folic acid rapidly act on the skin, slowing down the process of aging and smoothing fine lines. This is the feature has been successfully used in cosmetics: many SPA-salons offering body treatments and hair are very popular due to its anti-aging effect.

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Red caviar contains about 30% of valuable proteins for animal protein is rare, and 10-13% digestible fat. Vitamins A, E, D and B, phosphorus, iron and other minerals that are rich in this product make it useful for normal functioning of our body, normalize blood pressure and increase hemoglobin. In addition, sufficient nutritious eggs: 100 g contains 270 calories.

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