Female hormones


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Female hormonesHormones — kind of team "-CEOs" — our body, controlling all without exception — sex life, stress and the immune system. Likewise, they affect our weight and appetite. When you decided to eat dessert, you did not show weakness, but only obey their command.


Let's say you eat a donut. Are you sure deserve such indulgence in food, because the time was difficult and not without stress. It seems to be fast carbohydrates — just what is able to ease your feelings. But … last crumb icing sugar selected as desired relief did not occur. You drag for the addition … Unfortunately, such a sweet "-pill" — a true "Cocktail Molotov" — for your hormonal system. The measures recommended by modern medicine to combat premature aging and disease coupled with him against excessive fat accumulation and against its excessive use as fuel. That's why it comes down to combat overeating, low physical activity, stress. There are at least 40 chemicals in the body that control our appetite. But there is good news: management strategies designed to help avoid weight gain and even lose weight.


Estrogen and progesterone

After ovulation progesterone levels (female hormone that is responsible for preparing the body for pregnancy) increases. During this period, the body needs more calories. A week before, the level of estrogen — reproductive hormone — decreases as the level of hormones "-mood" — dopamine and serotonin, which are known to be looking for "-feeding" — a dish of mashed potatoes and dessert. With age, the production of these hormones decreases, which causes us to overeat. A weight gain, in turn, affects the production of hormones.


Recent international studies show that caloric intake — the only force that hangs over your weight. It seems paradoxical, but the level of insulin important calorie foods if it happens release, you feel more hungry and as a result eat more than usual. Willpower does not work when the insulin level jumps … Each of us has an individual metabolic profile, and the only thing that could affect it — hormones. However, despite this, control appetite and consequently weight possible.


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