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Give unloadingHoliday feasts are a lot of trouble settling on the waist and hips. Leave the past in the grill and barbecue, get rid of the consequences of the May holidays! What a celebration be without a feast! If the evening belongs to a hearty meal, not shingles themselves breakfast and lunch. Nutritionists advise to eat a bowl of millet meal porridge. Millet is digested slowly and feel full for a long time remain. For digestibility Pshenko need a lot of fat (butter put in porridge) and oil-body will digest it through their fat reserves.

Not sparing the abdomen

Do you sometimes sore stomach and "whining" then the left, then the right side? Do not add stress, eat less and more often. If necessary, receive medicine to help you get rid of the feeling of heaviness: help with overeating enzymes, if liquid stool — any of the drugs loperamide. Take 2 capsules, then bit you on the instructions with constipation, drink a spoonful of olive oil or accept laxative, helps with food poisoning Epsom salt or charcoal — 1 tablet per 10 kg of body weight, to relieve intestinal colic receive 2tabletki Nospanum. Then 6:00 "Sit" on nekrepkom tea without sugar and crackers. If your stomach eve well "poveselyvsya", the wisest thing you can do for the next morning — to make a "potato" day.

Esprit de corps

Ration naetotdeneleduyushiy 500 g of crude potato pour 2 liters of boiling water, boil. Rastovkty potatoes in their skins directly in liquid broth to puree. Soft potato broth relieve hunger, cleanse the blood of toxins that have accumulated during the "holiday belly", has beneficial effects on the stomach and intestines. Recipe for stable: big apple cut into 16 pieces, golf wedges of lemon juice, storage in a bowl — it's your food for the day. Hungry — eat a slice. After 30 minutes, drink green or herbal tea. The body is resting and also receives valuable vitamins and minerals. The most common complaint after the holidays — pain in the pancreas. On it rests a huge burden: it supplies enzymes to digest fat, junk food, carbonated and alcoholic beverages. I often can not cope with this task.

Hunger and peace

Symptoms of inflammation of the pancreas include: dull aching pain under the left upper quadrant or sharp, intense pain in the upper abdomen, surrounds or given back. Remove the inflammation of the pancreas helps a strict diet. Wise people say that best friends pancreas — hunger, cold and quiet. In the recovery period for a few weeks — light porridge without salt, milk and oil. If abdominal pain attached nausea and vomiting that does not bring relief, urgent Talk to the doctors. Try to fool your appetite. 20 minutes before meals drink slowly sips a glass of warm water with a few drops of lemon juice. Freshly brewed black tea with mint leaves quickly relieves hunger. Instead you can chew mint apple seeds — the effect is the same! Appetite able to choke reflex massage: close your eyes and gently pressing the "go about" fingers over centuries. The same purpose is to help achieve the flavors of vanilla and mandarin.

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