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Inhalation - whether they are necessary?Inhalation (from Lat. Inhalatum — «-breathe" -) — means inhaling and hitting the airways gaseous substances or aerosols. Inhalation of two ways. The first is based on the fact that the substance falls under the inspired air is naturally due to evaporation. This, in turn, there are two options — volatile matter, good escapes itself, or we add a substance, such as in hot water. The basis of the second method is the use of special devices that create aerosols are called Inhaler.

A typical example is a jet nebulizer — steam inhaler. The device heats water comes out hot steam, a special container (tray, cup), which is filled with the drug, and this means podmeshyvaetsya to jets of steam. Modern and very common kind of jet nebulizer — yator compressor, it uses compressed air as a gas. Compressor and ultraalyatory also called nebulizer (from Lat. Nebula — «-fog" -). The principal feature of nebulizers — spray hot, looks like fog and consists of very small particles.

Dispersion — the size of the particles. Krupnodispersnoy spray — large particles, fine — fine. The smaller size of aerosol particles, the deeper they penetrate into the respiratory tract. It is clear that the treatment of rhinitis, we are interested in the fact that the drug was deposited in the nose — hence, the need krupnodispersnoy spray. Bronchitis should seek to ensure that the drug is not delayed in the upper respiratory tract, and sank down — hence, the need of fine aerosol. Dispersion — not only physical parameter that affects the depth of penetration of particles. Some importance is the temperature of the aerosol: the aerosol warmer, the more its particles penetrate into the respiratory tract. Another factor — the velocity of the aerosol (or rather, the rate at which the patient has breath): the faster the deeper penetration of particles.

Why all this complexity? Took potatoes, filled with water, brought to a boil, climbed under the covers and breathe-inhaliruemsya … And what we care about dispersion potatoes? In justifying note that if inhalation therapy discuss the example of potatoes, so really nothing to do. But if your house is an inhaler, so should this miracle of technology understand: how it works, which creates a spray when applied.



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